Now that you are taking Corporate Finance, your relatives are asking you for financial advice on their investments. They are curious about bonds.Aunt Mary (age 65) is interested in the U.S. Treasury market. She thinks that Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) may be good for her. What would you tell her? Be specific.Your mom and dad will be retiring in five (5) years or so and feel that they shouldn’t be totally invested in the stock market. They ask you for advice on how to start transitioning to less risky investments, such as Treasurys and blue-chip corporate bonds. What would you tell them? Are there any funds out there you can suggest for them to consider? Be specific.

The Fama-French Multifactor model and mutual fund returns

Please review the Mini case named “The Fama-French Multifactor model and mutual fund returns” available in 392 at the end of the Chapter 12: An Alternative View of Risk and Return in Corporate Finance textbook and complete the 5 questions.In your 2-3 page analysis, be sure to thoroughly answer the questions presented with a strong supporting rationale. Be sure to compose your analysis inAPA formatwith a title page, introduction, and conclusion.If applicable, include:references cited in text and in the reference sectionappropriate calculations and critical thoughtthe financial statement of cash flows and the accounting statement of cash flowsany additional documentation or information to support your analysis

FINC 330

GRADED DISCUSSION WEEK 4Your assignment:Please also note that your answers should be written in your own words. Don’t use quotes from the Internet, articles, or textbooks.For this week discussion you will be using your initial response you should answer the main question: If you are an investor who is looking for acorporatebond to invest to, are you going to buy a bond that you chose? To answer this question you should complete three steps:1). Copy the bond’s quotation from the website.2). Describe the main elements of the bond:Coupon rateCalculate annual coupon payment (assuming face value $1,000)What is the frequency of coupon payments of the bond? If the frequency is greater than 1, how much is payment is going to be?Maturity,Rating. Explain the meaning of rating.The last price listed in quotationHow much the investor would pay for the bond assuming $1,000 face value and using the last price listed in quotation?Calculate the current yield of the bond assuming that par value of the bond is $1,000How much is the YTM listed in quotations is for the bond? Explain the meaning of YTM.Is the bond callable or not? If the bond that you chose is callable (non-callable), will it change your decision to buy it?To find the information on bonds, click on Search in the middle of the screen, under Quick Search type the Issuer Name and the Symbol, and click SHOW RESULTS.Another useful website on bond information is To find the information on bonds, scroll down the page, type the name of the company in the window under Bond Finder, and click SEARCH.3) Take a look at the balance sheet and income statement of the company. Whatdataor ratiossupport your decision to buy this bond or not? You should develop a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale to explain your answer.Reflection – the students also should include a paragraph in the initial response in their own words reflecting on specifically what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace.Would you prefer to buy the bond issued by the company chosen by another student? You should develop a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale to explain your answer.

OL 215 : Management Southwest Airlines Final Project One Submission: Application of the Fundamental Principles of Management for a Successful Company

Submit the final version of your paper for Final Project One, which includes all critical elements (introduction, profile, and conclusion) within a single document. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

IST Chapter 1

Answer three questions and answer two points

Complete the following textbook problems:

Complete the following textbook problems:Chapter 4Ch. 4, p.99, # 1. The Fed: Briefly describe the origin of the Federal Reserve System. Describe the functions of the Fed district banks.Ch. 4, p.99, # 3. Open Market Operations: Explain how the Fed increases the money supply through open market operations.Ch. 4, p.99, # 4. Policy Directive: What is the policy directive, and who carries it out?Ch. 4, p.99, # 6. Reserve Requirements: How is money supply growth affected by an increase in the reserve requirement ratio?Ch. 4, p.99, # 14. The Fed’s Impact on Unemployment: Explain how the Fed’s monetary policy affects the unemployment level.Ch. 4, p.99, # 15. The Fed’s Impact on Home Purchases: Explain how the Fed influences the monthly mortgage payments on homes. How might the Fed indirectly influence the total demand for homes by consumers?Ch. 4, p.99, # 16. The Fed’s Impact on Security Prices: Explain how the Fed’s monetary policy may indirectly affect the price of equity securities.Chapter 5Ch. 5, p.126, #3. Choice on Monetary Policy: When does the Fed use a stimulative monetary policy, and when does it use a restrictive monetary policy? What is a criticism of a stimulative monetary policy? What is the risk of using a monetary policy that is too restrictive?Ch. 5, p.126, #11. Impact of Money Supply Growth: Explain why an increase in the money supply can affect interest rates in different ways. Include the potential impact of the money supply on the supply of and the demand for loanable funds when answering this question.Ch. 5, p.126, #14. Interpreting the Fed’s Monetary Policy:  When the Fed increases the money supply to lower the federal funds rate, will the cost of capital to U.S. companies be reduced? Explain how the segmented markets theory regarding the term structure of interest rates (as explained in Chapter 3) could influence the degree to which the Fed’s monetary policy affects long-term interest rates.Ch. 18, p.518, The Effect of Bank Strategies on Bank Ratings (answer all three parts)Effect on Bank Strategies on Bank Ratings premium: Interpret the following comments made by Wall Street analysts and portfolio managers.a. “The FDIC recently subsidized a buyer for a failing bank, which had different effects on FDIC costs than if the FDIC had closed the bank.”b. “Bank of America has pursued the acquisition of many failed banks because it sees potential benefits.”c. “By allowing a failing bank time to resolve its financial problems, the FDIC imposes an additional tax on taxpayers.”

Finance short answer

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Concepts functions management

MGT 3340 Final ProjectBoth items below will be worth 100 points to your final project grade:Media DeliverableYour media deliverable will be a PowerPoint. In this area, you will prepare a short presentation on your researched organization.  You will provide a concise history, two management themes about this organization you have found interesting and a SWOT analysis.  Hint:  Use your research papers as basis for the media (don’t forget to use APA style in any areas needed).FInal PaperCompose a final comprehensive paper on your organization (no less than 6 pages, excluding abstract and reference).  Include a history, SWOT analysis, three themes you found exist in your organization and your final analysis of management.  You MUST not just resubmit your previous work.  Look over what you have previously submitted and update, as needed.  APA style is required to include abstract, internal citations and References properly formatted.  Any assignments submitted without APA style will earn a failing grade.**** Note:  This is the submission of two items – a media item and a paper.  Please make sure both are uploaded. ***

Week 10: Assignment 3: Cryptocurrency Analysi

For assignment 3, you will be performing a cryptocurrency analysis using the provided template and then recording your own Financial Insights Podcast Video. Begin by going to the cryptocurrency section of Yahoo Finance (link: Look over the overall cryptocurrency market performance and then choose 3 types of cryptocurrency that you would consider accepting as payment at your company. Using the provided template, you will list each of the 3 along with their symbol, price, and percentage change in price. Next, you will answer the following questions on the template: • If you had to limit it to accepting one type of cryptocurrency, would you choose to accept only stablecoins instead of one of the other types? Why or why not? • What impact would this choice have on your business (if any)? • Do you think most businesses will be accepting cryptocurrency in the future? • Would you consider investing in cryptocurrency? Why or why not?

DB 11 – How much Physical Activity is enough?

Go to p 410 and read the article on ‘how much physical activity is enough?’.Make sure your Initial comment has a minimum of 200 words, and each follow-up comment on other student’s initial comments must have 20 words.Include the answers to the 3 Critical thinking Questions given in the article in your initial comments. Submit your work into a MSWord document in Canvas.