A brand’s social media presence & profile

 For this assignment you should pick a “brand” (e.g., a company, musical artist or band, TV show, movie, service, organization, or product) and research the brand’s social media presence and profiles. Then prepare a 750-900 word “case study” (report) explaining how the company uses the various social media and media technologies to make its brand part of the media environment. Present your findings in a blog. (WordPress provides a free version.) Your blog should include a brief background on the brand and then provide the information specified in the previous paragraph. You should include (embed) screen shots, videos and images, that illustrate your findings (e.g., Twitter posts). Each of these screen shots, videos and images must include an active link so that we can verify the source. Make sure that your blog post has an introduction and a conclusion. Your blog should include at least the following information: • The brand’s social media profiles (Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube videos, website, etc.). • Mobile applications associated with the brand (if any). • Two blog posts that feature the brand. These should NOT be from the company (brand) itself, but rather from someone blogging about the brand. • Two tweets that mention the brand (again, NOT from the company, but about the brand). • Two other examples of social multimedia content (e.g., video, audio podcast, photos) featuring the brand. (These MAY BE from the company itself.) You should submit only an active link to your blog. Be sure that your blog is not set to “Private” or otherwise requires any sign-in or password.