A Commentary on Parent–Child Cognitive Learning Interaction Research: What Have We Learned from Two Decades of Research? Yvette R. Harris and Seham Almutairi

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Building on any of the course readings, write a brief research proposal for a psychological investigation of any aspect of cognition covered in this course. Your proposal of 3 to 5 pages in APA style should have each of these elements and be broken down into sections (a) – (f) for the sake of clarity:

(a) a brief review of the relevant literature read in this course (at least 3 sources, you may bring in outside sources but it is not necessary); (b) a clearly stated and theoretically interesting hypothesis; (c) clearly stated independent variables that you manipulate (or measure in the case of a quasi-experimental design); (d) appropriate and well-described dependent measures; (e) a clear description of the proposed research participants (subjects) and how they are assigned to condition; and (f) an appropriate statement of the kinds of inferential and descriptive statistics that you are proposing to use. Unfortunately, conducting this research is beyond the scope of this class.