A Health Promotion Initiative

The objective for this assignment is to become competent in designing, planning and evaluating a health promotion initiative of “Male obesity in Australia”.

To keep the scope and scale of the proposal realistic, you need to ensure that your budget does not exceed $200K per year and can be completed within 3 years.

Structure your report using the following headings (sub-headings can be defined as needed):

1.Aims and objectives

2. Background and rationale

3. Proposed action plan

4. Strategies to evaluate impact

5. Anticipated outcomes and significance

6. Proposed timeline

7. Proposed budget, and justification of budget

8. References

Please note: You can ONLY “evaluate impact” within 3 years if you proposed a Randomised Control trials (RCT) or other interventional study.


The final assignment requires you to build upon the topic area and study objectives from Assignment 1 (I’ll upload my assignment 1) and develop a hypothetical health promotion intervention in the format of a grant proposal. This will involve incorporating your literature review and objectives from Assignment 1 into performing a needs analysis (including background literature, an analysis of the health problem, and consideration of the context in which you are proposing the intervention); setting intervention goals/objectives; planning strategies for achieving these goals; and identifying the means of evaluating objectives.

Structure and Organisation

10%Assignment is very well structured. Flow of the assignment is logical.

Similar to published work

evidence and argument

60%Thoroughly addresses all aspects of the question. All relevant information is included in the assignment. Data is well analysed and interpreted correctly. Extensive critical appraisal of evidence and argument. Strong, cohesive argument backed up with evidence. Original and novel observations.

Style and Format

20% –  Assignment is cohesively written. Clear format. Very few grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Excellent use of English language. Format is of publication standard.

Sources and References


10%A large number of sources and references.