Advanced Accounting

Attention: You CANNOT use Coca Cola or PepsiCo. Please select an authoritative company and

provide me with a 10­k reporting. Thank you.

The individual project is designed to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of advanced

accounting and conducting research related to consolidation topics. The project will require

organization, critical thinking, good written communication skills, and an understanding of financial

accounting concepts. This project is consistent with the following objectives outlined in our course

• Demonstrate the accounting treatment for consolidations and related issues.

• Demonstrate the effective use of accounting research tools.

The project is graded for completeness, professionalism, and accuracy (as well as the usual elements

of grammar and style). Be sure to thoroughly address all of the requirements outlined and offer

complete support for your discussion. Total points for this research paper are 150.

This is an individual research project and the final product is your individual responsibility.

To avoid plagiarism:

• Always make note of the source used.

• Use quotations when text is directly excerpted from a source.

• When paraphrasing read the original passage several times. Get a complete understanding of the

content and the context of the passage. Use your own words to reflect the idea of the passage (still

cite the source).

• Ask a friend or family member to proofread your work and the sources used.

Your responses must be thorough enough to demonstrate that you explored the company’s financial

statements. To that end, you should state (with specificity) where the information was found.

“The annual accounting report (10­K) is the most commonly requested filing, receiving 21 percent of

all requests, followed by current reports (8­K) at 19 percent, and the quarterly accounting report (10­

Q) at 16 percent.”

Drake, M. S., Roulstone, D. T., and Thornock, J. R. (2015). The Determinants and Consequences of

Information Acquisition. Contemporary Accounting Research Vol. 32 No. 3 (Fall 2015) pp. 1128–


Using EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system) find a publicly traded

company (your choice). the most recent 10­K filing for the selected company. Review the company’s

financial statements and related disclosures to respond to the questions below.

NOTE: You must select a company that has investments (more than one type). Investments may

include: trading securities, AFS, HTM securities, joint ventures, VIE, equity securities, etc. This may

require you to explore more than one company.

The goals are:

A. to see if investments are clearly stated on the face of the financial statements: Income Statement,

Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Statement of Stockholder’s Equity (Questions 1, 3, 6, 8)

B. to see if the sources of the investments are clearly communicated in the Notes to the Financial

Statement (Questions 2, 4, 5, 7)

C. to determine whether or not you are able to understand the company’s investment activities based

on the information provided (Question 9, 10)

The questions below may be used for guidance.

1) Over the past two years, what is reported on the face of the Balance Sheet for investments?

2) What additional information do the notes to the financial statement provide about the investments

reported on the Balance Sheet, i.e. the Balance Sheet reflects an amount, do the notes elaborate on

the amount reported?

3) Over the past three years, has the company reported any unrealized gains or losses in shareholder’s


4) What additional information is provided in the financial statement disclosures about the unrealized

gains or losses?

5) Does the company use the equity method to report any of its investments? How significant are the

equity investments?

6) Over the past three years, what is reported on the face of the Income Statement related to the

company’s investments?

7) What additional information is provided in the note disclosures related to the amounts reported on

the Income Statement?

8) Is the impact of investments reflected on the statement of cash flows over the past three years?


9) Did the footnote disclosures provide you with sufficient information to understand the investments

made by the company and the financial impact of those investments?

10) How might you use the information about the company’s investment activities in a decisionmaking

context? When might this information be relevant? {Note: you can assume the role of a

manager, employee, investor, lender, etc. Let me know “who you are”}

Read all of the following carefully.

Your responses must demonstrate graduate level knowledge and communication skills. All responses

must be well discussed, logical and well supported.

On each page, include a header with your CWID # and a page number.

A title page is required. Include the following information on your title page: CWID #, NO name,

Semester, Year, and Course name.

Format. Format the paper using a standard font: Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial; a standard font

size: 10, 11 or 12; indent each new paragraph; double space; and a one­inch margin on all sides.

Use the page break feature and include a reference page, where applicable.

Submit. Use Microsoft Word when submitting your paper. Spell check/grammar check

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