Afghanistan’s GPA

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Description Project Outline 1. Select a country (after checking availability of the required data on GDP and the macroeconomy). 2. Gather data for the last ten years (if data is not available for 10 years, then at least 7 to 10 years as available) for the following variables: a. Nominal GDP. b. Real GDP c. Per capita GDP (calculate if necessary). d. Inflation rate e. Unemployment rate Use the above data to draw timeline graphs for each variable. 3. Identify and study the periods of recession and/or inflation revealed by the graphs and your research of the country’s macroeconomic data/information. 4. Research, identify and discuss the economic policies implemented by the government and the central bank during the crises identified in item 3 above in the context of our discussions in class and the readings in the text. In particular, discuss any policies related to taxes and government spending carried out by the government and their reasons for doing so, and any policies carried out by the central bank in regard to interest rates and their reasons for doing so. In addition, please discuss the outcomes of the implementation of the policy(ies).