albrecht D rer and italian influence in his work

A goal of UCORE courses is to increase your ability to recognise when additional information is needed for a given topic and to develop your skills in locating, evaluating and using information. This assignment is intended to help you practice your information literacy skills when studying Art.
The area of investigation is: Albrecht Dürer & Italian Influence in his Work

‘In what ways did Dürer contribute to the Renaissance?’

To complete this task, you will need to find visual evidence and sources that specifically focus on
your assigned subject.
1. Read the WSU libraries’ Information Literacy Research Skill Building page at
2. Use the WSU libraries’ Fine Arts Research Guide web page
( and online research databases such as JSTOR
Dr Hallie Meredith
or Project Muse. I recommend starting with key art historical journals such as Art Bulletin
and Art History. Weigh the quality of information (ask yourself ‘Is this a scholarly text?’
‘Was it peer-reviewed?’) and assess the relevance of sources in answering this question
(are they specifically focused on your topic? Remember everyone is researching the same
artist, your task is to stay focused on your particular aspect of his life and work.)
3. Find three scholarly sources that address your specific topic. Consider primary and
secondary sources, written and visual. You must include both electronic and print
sources, you decide how many of each. For example, two print and one electronic
source are fine, as are one print and two electronic sources.
4. Create an annotated bibliography for each of your three sources. Include three or
four sentences for each source addressing the following:
a. Provide a full citation using MLA guidelines
b. Summarising the source
c. Explain how and why it is useful to your specific area of research
E.g., Why is this a credible source? (is it published by a Museum, University?)
How will it be useful for your investigation?
See ‘What is an Annotation?’ at:
The general MLA format is as follows:
Meredith, Hallie G. ‘Article Title’. Journal Name. Volume Number, Issue Number (Year): 1-
Meredith, Hallie G. ‘Article Title’. Journal Name. Volume Number, Issue Number (Year): 1-
123. Accessed 1st January 2016.
– For other source types, see:
1. Choose one or two key images for your discussion and include images of each
one. Label each ‘Figure 1’, ‘Figure 2’ or ‘Figure 3, and include the title, artist, date,
medium, museum and city.
2. Write a Formal Analysis. See ‘Image Questions’ handout (available in the ‘1st Week
Readings’ folder on Blackboard). Remember to discuss visual evidence and to focus on
Dr Hallie Meredith
significance. Basic identifying information should be included both in the captions and
when you introduce each work of art.
3. Prepare a thesis or argument specifically addressing the central question. Make
certain that your thesis is specific, debatable and relates to your assigned subject. For
example, if assigned ‘Dürer and Italian Influence in his Work’, you might focus on his
1504 engraving in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY or his 1507 oil painting in the
Museo del Prado, Madrid. Your argument might have to do with his use of contrapposto
after Italian Renaissance artists such as Donatello’s famous bronze David.
4. Write the following:
a. Introduction including a Thesis or Argument
b. Evidence to be discussed in the essay including one or two pieces
c. A unique Title for your essay that reflects the focus
d. Annotated bibliography for each of your three sources
e. Save the above parts of your essay, annotated bibliography and one to
three images as a single PDF.

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