An assessment of Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution: Waymart

Describe the organization, covering the following points: I. Describe the organization:  Discuss the organization’s structure, services, staffing, budget, auspices, goals and objectives.  How is the agency funded? Are the resources adequate to meet current operations? What does the agency do to supplement resources? What image does the organization have in the community? What does the organization do to promote its image II. Describe how the Organization Makes Decisions:  Discuss what planning models and procedures are used in the organization?  Is there a strategic plan?  An operating plan? Who is involved in planning? III. Describe how the Organization manages personnel resources:  How does the organization recruit, train, supervise and develop staff?  Do they have recruitment or turnover issues? What strategies do they use for these issues?  How is staff diversity promoted and managed? IV. Describe how the organization assesses its effectiveness:  What procedures does the agency use to evaluate its services?  Does the agency engage in program evaluation? What data is collected, who collects it and how is it used?  If the agency does not have an evaluation procedure…how is effectiveness assessed? V. Conclusions and Recommendations:  What are the key areas of strength of the agency? Provide a rationale for each.  Are there administrative areas/issues that can be improved? Describe administrative changes you would recommend for this agency. Include short range and long range strategies. Support your conclusions and recommendations with references from the literature. A lot of key information can be found on the website listed below.