Analyse the impact of ‘Brexit’ on the application of E.U. law in the United Kingdom.

You need to consider all sources of EU law
You do not need to consider enforcement, direct effect, indirect effect or state liability.
You can include some information on withdrawal from the EU
You do not need to include information on the history of the EU or the institutions

Please note the title above and guidance – this research is 2500 words long – the main emphasis is what Brexit will look like and how that will impact on directives/regulations Treaty and Decisions, therefore this research requires only a brief explanation on what these laws are where the main emphasis is how Brexit will effect the implementation of these laws. The research therefore needs research/analysis into the different models that might be applicable to the UK/EU where given the current political climate demonstrates that a “hard Brexit” is unlikely – therefore commentators views are essential on this the client does not want a long description of the laws and then very little discussion on the implementation of Brexit – the thrust of the research required is on what impact Brexit will have on these laws. 

The focus is what will happen to the different sources of law when we leave Brexit and what relationship the UK will have with the EU and whether there will be obligations to comply with directives etc…in the future. 

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