Analytical Psychology: Carl Jung

Anаlуtical Psychоlogy: Carl Jung For рurрoses of comparison, please use these 4 questions as section headings for the weekly papers. Compose the paper in Microsoft Word, using double space, one inch margins Times New Roman, and 12-point font. The goal of comparative analysis is to identify the similarities and differences among several competing theories of personality. This type of approach requires a framework or model to serve as a basis of comparison. 1.What is the basic purpose/goal of life according to carl Jung ? 2.What are the basic parts/elements of the personality that carry out the goal according to carl jung? 3.What happens when these basic elements encounter the demands of others (developmental statements)? 4.Finally, how does the theory account for individual differences in personality according to carl jung? All reference must be scholarly journal (or textbook) and the paper must be in APA format. Use the 4 questions listed above as section headings in your weekly papers. A general description of the theory and it s concepts can be found in your textbook. You can supplement this information with material from other texts, articles, and internet sources. Your task is to take the material that you read and try to organize it according to the 4 questions outlined above.papers should consist of more than just a summary of the theory—they should be your attempt to organize the material that you research around the 4 key questions. In other words, you should be reading the assigned material and any other resources that you may find looking for answers to the specific questions posed in the 4-question analytical model.

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