analyze the materials issues incident

analyze the materials issues incident Description use the knowledge you obtained about the mechanical properties of materials to write an essay to analyze the materials issues in a structural failure incident(aircraft accident, bridge collapse, race car failure. ) Among all possible failure dmechanism, pick one specific topic you consider to the most critical in causing the failure and discuss the history of the problem and how this could be improved in futur design. 1- based oh the analysis of one particular failure incident to make a connection with the widespread existence of the same problem in other system. Discuss the necessity of a broad education in a global and social context t understand the impact of mechanical engineering solutions 2-through engaging in search for the history and possible solutions to one particular problem for future design improvement, discuss the need for and cultivate the ability to engage in lige long learning to solve engineering problem. 3-by researching on the possible solutions to the problems related to mechanical behaviors of materials, discuss the knowledge go contemporary issues, especially those related to mechanical engineering. 4- the essay should include but not limited to following sessions: introduction, specific example. analysis and discussions, conclusion and references.