Analyze the movie ,Titans about Motivation and Leadership

DIRECTIONS: After watching the movie, “Remember the Titans,” analyze how the story demonstrates the concepts listed below (as discussed in our class). Provide specific examples to illustrate your points. 1)What are the DISC profiles of the two Titans coaches (Yoast & Boone)? Other key characters (select two)? What is your reasoning? (DISC profiles: D is Dominance : People who score high on D tend to be Decisive Active in dealing with problems and challenges Forceful Demanding Aggressive Results oriented They feel comfortable taking the leading role in a negotiation team.) (I is Influence:Influence: People with a high I score tend to be Optimistic and outgoing Highly social Persuasive Emotional Intuitive Forthcoming about themselves They use their social skills to influence and convince others.)(S is Steady:Steadiness: People with high S styles tend to be Calm Considerate Patient Deliberate Stable and consistent Trusting They like to be in relationships and teams and do not like sudden change or conflict.) (C is Conscientious:Conscientiousness: People with a high C score tend to be Accurate Considered Neat Cautious Factual and systematic Thorough They prefer to adhere to rules, regulations, and structure, focusing on details and quality. ) 2)Leadership Styles 3)Motivation 4)Communication 5)Conflict Management 6)Environmental factors – culture, political climate, opportunity, etc. 7)Perceptions (and bias)