Answeing the four questions after watching the videos

The assignment is TWO separate pages:

In the first page is:

There are some disturbing images in this film, and it created quite a controversy when it originally

aired on the BBC. Please watch the following 55 minute documentary entitled Summerhill at 70:

After you have finished watching, please answering the two questions:

1­What was your initial response to this movie?

2 ­What could you infer about the curriculum at Summerhill from watching the documentary? What

about the “hidden curriculum”? How might it be similar or different from where you work?


The second page is:


please view the 78 minute video entitled It’s Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues in School. Maybe

you can find the video on­elementary­talking­about­gayissues­scho

After viewing the video please respond to this question

1) When it comes to gays and lesbians, what do you think deserves to be in the curriculum and why?


please view the 70 minute video entitled Precious Knowledge: Arizona’s Battle over Ethnic Studies.

Maybe you can find the video on­knowledge OR

After viewing the video please respond to this question:

2) How would you compare/contrast the teachers in this movie with the teachers in the film It’s


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