Anthropology Book Essay

I require an 8 page essay on the book Musical Chairs by Jen knox. Concepts from an anthropology

class must tie into the book particularly in terms of how cultural context—social, political and

economic factors, such as kinship, what constituted care, social expectations and socioeconomic

status—shaped the experience of the narrator in question. demonstrate an understanding of the

historical, cultural, social, or political conditions of identity formation and function in human society,

including the ways in which these conditions influence individual or group status, treatment, or


Concepts such as alcoholism, addiction, schizophrenia, anorexia, anxiety, and many more mental

disorders are a larger focus of the class. Please write the book essay with respect to one or more of

these themes. The subject area is a combination of anthropology and psychology. You may use as

many or as little external sources as you want though at least one is preferred.



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