Assessed task No 2 A Strategic Professional Development Portfolio

Assessed task No 2 A Strategic Professional Development Portfolio

You may have already done a personal development plan as part of your course (e.g. for 7MG001). This PDP is different and focuses on your development and goals as a manager – hence this is  professional development plan. The purpose is to relate the academic content of the module to your professional (managerial) goals.

To help you to reflect and craft your PDP it will be useful to complete the “How Do You Fit the Design” self-assessment exercises included in each chapter of your textbook (Daft, 2015) and incorporate your reflection on these self-assessments into your PDP.

As with the project (see above), The PDP will be incrementally developed over the course of the module, with completion near the end when you have assimilated the core text book chapters and taken all the “How Do You Fit the Design” test.

You will craft interim components (which you may be asked to present or discuss in some form during the seminars).


In Phase 1 you will prepare a brief introduction (~500 words) about how the module content will help you advance your professional (strategic) development (and goals), focusing on topics of particular interest to you.  

Phase 2 is on-going over the course of the module in that you read the core text chapters and you undertake the “How do you fit the design” tests at the end of each chapter. You will also select 3 of these for phase 3 (below).

In phase 3 you will write a critical reflection (1000-1200 words) that will address both your perspectives on organisational design based on your personal and professional experiences/Interests as well as what the “How Do You Fit the Design” are showing you about yourself as manager.

Phase 4 is the Professional Development action Plan. Review and revise the earlier components in light of feedback. In updating your PDP try to make it so that what emerges is a well-developed snapshot of your current and future professional plans and goals. The action plan will state your goals (one short-term, one medium term, one long-term), how you will achieve them, by when and what challenges you will face in achieving them. You may present this is a table format, with columns for above areas. Use portrait paper format and smaller size font so that you capture everything on 1 page.