Assessment task 1: Essay

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Objective(s): a, b, d and e

Weight: 30%

Task: Identify at least one organization or individual that has creatively negotiated the opportunities and

challenges that communication industries face in the 21st century. Write a 2000-word essay based

on the following:

How has this individual or organization demonstrated a creative response to the opportunities and

challenges that characterize the communications landscape in the 21st century?

You may choose any of the following: a website; a news source; filmmakers or actors; musicians;

examples from PR or advertising; journalists; advocacy, political or NGO groups; bloggers or

‘influencers’; or writers. NB: choices that fall outside these parameters are permitted provided they

are discussed and approved by the tutor

Length: 2000 words

Due: Week 5

Due 2 September 5pm. Please submit electronic copy only to the Turnitin link on UTSOnline.



Criteria Weight (%) SLOs CILOs

Quality of argument & analysis 40 a, b, d, e 2.1

Pertinence and depth of research 30 d, e 2.2

Clarity of writing & structure 30 e 6.1

SLOs: subject learning objectives

CILOs: course intended learning outcomes



At least 10 academic sources (beyond the set readings) are required for this assessment.

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