ASSESSMENT TASK 2: HRM Portfolio Assignment

You will develop a portfolio of key HRM outcomes.  The portfolio comprises three parts:

Human resource forecasting: In this task, you will forecast the human resource needs of North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) a purpose built 180-bed inpatient facility and the largest regional hospital in the state.  NWRH also has 15 outreach sites located throughout tropical, northern Australia, each of which employs approximately 17 individuals.  In total, NWRH currently employs 700 people.  All details about the company will be provided in advance.

Job description and recruitment advertisement: In this task, you will draw up a set of job descriptions for three positions related to the company above.  You will then develop one advertisement to attract job seekers to the company.  The job descriptions and advertisement will form the basis of the portfolio presentation (see below).  A sample job description will be provided. 

Selection criteria: In this task you will use the Job Description you have developed (above) to:

Develop a list of key selection criteria for an upcoming vacancy in this position in terms of experience, qualifications, skills/abilities, personal qualities and special requirements (a template will be provided)

Outline how you would evaluate the candidates on each criterion.

Identify your interview selection panel.  Indicate the number of people to be on the panel, the positions that they hold and provide a brief explanation of why they are required on the panel.

Portfolio assignment details will be provided in the first lecture (Week 1).