Assignment 1: Language in Use

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Task: Design a multimodal resource and write a 1000 word rationale justifying your decisions using appropriate literature (Worth 50%)

Intended Audience: Pre-Service Teachers

Due Date: 15 August 2016 (Week 5)

Scenario: You are a new academic at the University of Southern Queensland and as part of your duties you have been called upon to create an online resource titled ‘Literacy as language in use’ for pre-service teachers. You are aware of the importance of integrating pedagogy and technology so you have decided that a multi-modal presentation offers an opportunity for an authentic learning experience. You are equally aware that pre-service teachers will appreciate some practical suggestions for how to ‘teach’ literacy in their Year 7 – 10 classrooms. You therefore decide to offer four examples of activities/learning experiences appropriate to a classroom scenario. This will require that you identify the year level and make specific reference to the Australian Curriculum.

In order to organise your presentation around the Australian Curriculum: English you have decided to offer one example from EACH of the following areas:

  • an expanding vocabulary and grasp of grammatical and textual patterns sufficient to understand and learn from texts encountered in and out of school
  • fluency and innovation in listening to, reading, viewing and creating texts for different purposes and contexts
  • the skill and disposition needed to analyse and understand the philosophical, moral, political and aesthetic bases on which many texts are built
  • an interest in expanding the range of materials listened to, viewed and read, and in experimenting with ways of expressing increasingly subtle and complex ideas to create effective and innovative texts. (ACARA, 2016)

Although your line manager has identified the topic of the resource, they have given you total freedom to decide on format. The only constraint is that your choice of technology/format must be accessible for students using USQ computers. As you are starting a new job, you are determined to show your capacity to use technology, think creatively and apply that knowledge to real world situations.  To explain your planning to your line manager you have agreed to supply them with a 1000 word rationale justifying your decisions by referencing appropriate literature using APA as designated on the USQ website.

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