Assignment 1 – Report on language assessment instrument

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Critically review one published language test or another well-established language assessment procedure. Consider the views of language and language learning that underpin the development and application of this instrument. You need to thoroughly investigate and review available research, development and validation work that has gone into it. Discuss issues of practicality and fairness in relation to the use of this instrument. You should also consider the impact of the use of this instrument on the learners / users of the language, the teachers, the teaching programs and curricula, as well as other relevant people, organisations or institutions. If you have been involved in the development of an assessment instrument yourself, you may choose to review this instrument and explain the process of development and the theoretical positions informing its development and use.

Produce a report on your chosen assessment instrument that would be of value to potential users, identifying its history, theoretical underpinnings, educational purposes, and limitations. Discuss whether the assessment instrument or approach conforms to / is influenced by / or influences available standards that exist beyond the immediate test taking contexts. Discuss how each of the instrument’s facets affects the performances of language learners being assessed.

Assessment criteria

  • You provide a clear and detailed description of the assessment instrument, its history, purpose, and uses.
  • You have clearly described and discussed in depth the views of language and language learning underpinning the instrument.
  • You provide a clear and detailed discussion of the instrument’s validity, reliability, practicality, fairness and impact.
  • You demonstrate your abilities to research this topic effectively, as demonstrated by your use of a wide range of appropriate sources of information that goes beyond the set texts for this unit. These have been quoted appropriately and reviewed critically.
  • The quality of writing throughout the report is consistently high. This includes using language, writing style and structure that are appropriate and accurate. Care has been taken to edit the writing before submission to avoid errors and inconsistencies. Appropriate formatting of the document contributes to the clarity of your writing. Use of references, both in text and in a reference list is consistently well managed and follows expected style.

How to submit:

Your report should be included in one Word document. You need to submit it via the appropriate dropbox in DSO.

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