Assignment 1- The Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Marketing strategy.


As a marketing consultant, working for Lincoln Marketing Associates, you are required to complete the following activities that culminate in the presentation of an informal, but professionally prepared report. You must select an organisation to research for this project


Determine and justify your own dimensions of entrepreneurial marketing strategy. Account for the organisations position on the ICON matrix and apply your dimensions to its activities, analysing the extent of entrepreneurial marketing taking place. Finally, outline the key implications of your discoveries for the organisation.

The full word count for the full piece of work is 3,000 words. 

You may use bullet points.

Please see the attached for the guidelines:


LO1 Understand how to develop successful businesses 
LO2 Critically evaluate the market environment to understand and assess opportunities and threats 
LO3 Assimilate market information in the form of quantifiable assessments of risk and business forecasts 
LO4 Determine the key drivers for growth 
LO5 Reflect on the range of skills required and how to implement changes to effect successful growth 
LO6 Measure results of marketing actions and reflect against original expectations leading to further decision making 
LO7 Examine critically, knowledge of theories relevant to business development within org

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