Assignment 2: TNA Ltd Case

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It has been suggested to Alf Taylor that Malaysia and Vietnam would be attractive new markets for TNA.

  • Carry out a preliminary analysis of these two potential markets to determine their relative advantages and disadvantages in terms of their market profit potential.
  • Based on your analysis make an initial recommendation on which of these markets would provide the best option for TNA and identify any other information that you feel would be required to finalise a decision. Recommend some action that you might take to improve the sales and marketing in those countries.
  • Taking in consideration all factors you are aware of, outline the main risk associated with these two potential markets. For example you can characterise the level of country risk facing investors doing business in Vietnam.

Your work should be presented in a report of approximately 3000 words in length.

Please Note

  • This assignment is worth 40% of the assessment marks for this subject.
  • You should not make contact with the company TNA or any of its personnel in preparing your assignment.
  • Your report needs to be clearly written, well structured and well presented. You should acknowledge all sources used and provide references where appropriate.  References must be presented in approved standard form (e.g. Harvard) and the reference list presented alphabetically by author.  Please note that the software program Turnitin will be used in assessing your assignment.

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