Assist in implementing education plans for students with disabilities

Answer the following of questions based on the IEP sample you used in assessment task 1. Answers should be numbered and submitted on the one document.
1. Name the sample IEP you are using to answer these questions (ie: Daniel or Stephanie).
2. Consider how would you record and use observations and interactions of this student?
Give 2 examples:
Recording method
Use of information
3. Consider the student’s individual goals as outlined in the IEP. What type of information should be included in the recording of data for this particular student to measure their attainment of their goals?
4. Suggest how you would monitor this student’s progress relating to:
A. curriculum
B. communication
C. social and emotional wellbeing.
5. It is crucial that communication remains open between all stakeholders in between IEP meetings. Suggest ways that this could be achieved.
6. Suggest some barriers to clear communication that the stakeholders may have to overcome. ©

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