Australian Taxation of Returns on Property Holdings

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The heart of the question is about net profit after tax that may be gained through the Australian tax system related to investment property or owner occupied property. Understanding the ‘ground rules’ of what the tax reliefs are (negative gearing, claiming expenses on investment property, CGT reduction for owner occupied after 12 months, no inclusion of owner occupied property in asset test for pension etc).

Is there a disparity between rules for owner occupied and investment (owner occupied can’t claim expenses, don’t get rent, but CAN get CGT halved on selling).

What are the impacts on individuals, and what are the impacts on the economy as a whole (including house prices).Some of the economic indicators to look at: leading, coincident, and lagging).

Up to 10 references, mostly from the news, ATO, ABS, RBA websites, and just a few academic articles (1 or 2 only).

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