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MG2138 Coursework: A State-of-the-Art Review and Company Analysis: Use of new Technologies in Logistics and Supply Chain and their implications for Sustainability

Main Objective of the assessment The purpose of this coursework is to develop skills in tying together theory and practice so that you gain valuable insight into the significance of marketing channels and logistics as a realistic activity.   TOPIC: How BIG DATA analytics can contribute towards a sustainable supply chain?   Description of the […]

Why do you want to attend Meharry College of Medicine?

Why do you want to attend Meharry College of Medicine? Living in Nashville for almost 18 years, Meharry medical college has served a significant role in my pursuit to become a physician. Growing as a first-generation Nigerian-American Immigrant. We could not afford health care services. I did not have access to adequate healthcare services. Having […]

Concept Statements

Page 1 Let’s try a little time travel. We don’t want you giving up any of your great ideas for products, so think of a product you use regularly that hasn’t always existed (sliced bread comes to mind). Concept statements are used to start the conversation in focus groups. It is the concept testing phase […]

Kinesiology – Motor Development

Motor Development Extra Credit Assignment – Due date will be announced in class Using one of the computer database resources locate a peer-reviewed article in motor development that uses either: a) Longitudinal b) Cross-sectional OR c) Mixed longitudinal design Note: The article you select MUST have introduction, methods, results, and conclusion sections; this is the […]

Issues in computer 2,REQUIRED TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS: Computer Security Fundamentals. Author: Easttom. Edition: 3rd. ISBN: 9780789757463 ( you can find PDF file on Additional Files) REQUIRED TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS: Computer Security Fundamentals. Author:

Read Carefully********** Assignment- 1 Due **Today , 26 Sunday ( 10pm) Assignment 2 Due On 30th October ( 8 pm) Assignment 3 ** On 5th November ( 10pm) Assignment 4 & 5** Due On 12 November ( 10pm) REQUIRED TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS: Computer Security Fundamentals. Author: Easttom. Edition: 3rd. ISBN: 9780789757463 ( you can find […]

3D Printing And The Future Of Architecture

– I want Research report about argument one side (advantages) – I want new sources. – I want two level outline. – I want the report like the model which i will upload it. – I want 0% Plagiarism. – I want info to be supported by citation from the sources.

Your assignment is to write an essay that analyzes in detail a philosophical text in order to argue for your own original thesis or perspective on its claims

Prompt 1. On the first paper, many of you wrote about premises in Aristotle’s arguments that one could reasonably take issue with. Kant’s approach is somewhat different than Aristotle. He has a number of premises that, each on their own, can be hard to argue with, but they produce all together results that some of […]

Clostridium species: Clostridium difficile.

 English level is : ILEST 5.5 the outline: intro: Clostridium species: identify it, how many of them, write in general body: examples of Clostridium species: 1. Clostridium tetani, 2. Clostridium botulinum, 3. Clostridium perfringens 4. Clostridium difficile The main example will be which i want to focus on 4. Clostridium difficile conclusion:

Business Project

Click here and consider this done. Project Structure: You are to prepare a 5000 word report encompassing the below:- Structure of the Project Title page Introduction (500 words) Choose 2 from the 3 suggested areas below: Research relevant academic models and literature and apply to your chosen company. – Comparative Analysis of the company’s competitive […]

A book review

Book review of these two books: Glesne, C. (2011). Becoming qualitative researchers (5th edition). New York: Longman. Locke, L. F., Silverman, S. J., & Spirduso, W. W. (2010). Reading and understanding research. Sage Publications ISBN-10: 1412975743 You have to run it to safe assign/Turnitin