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value proposition

InstructionsReview this video link for a better understanding and appreciation of true meaning of value proposition and what it does for a companyhttps://hstalks.com/t/1807/the-value-proposition/?businessSee page 34 of your textbook for some additional insight. Share your understanding and impressions of value proposition, especially at it pertains to present or past organizations for which you have worked.InstructionsFollow rubric […]

Problems From Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Provide answers to the following problems from Ch. 21 of your Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management text:You must use excel and all calculations must be shownProblem 2 on p. 885Problem 8 on p. 887Provide answers to the following problems from Ch. 23 of your Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management text:Problem 2 on p. 985Provide answers to the following problems from Ch. 24 […]

Technology and Organizational Behavior Issues

This assignment is needed by November 10th  not before.I need someone who can give me this assignment without any plagiarism and an originality report. I have had a bad experience with an assignment on here before. I am looking for someone who can give me all original work with less than 5% match. my school […]

index function in excel

Alphabet Delivery Co runs 26 routes named A to Z between its depots.  Recently, Fred, the driver of route A complained to his supervisor that his route was longer than Barney’s route B since there was an extra stop on his route.  Fred’s route starts and stops at depot G, with scheduled stops at depot D, A, […]

Accounting and Finance

XYZ Inc manufactures metal countertops and other kitchen infrastructure for commercial kitchens that it sells to restaurants and hotels throughout the country.• In state 1, XYZ owns a manufacturing plant that accounts for 33% of XYZ’s total property, employs 47 people who account for 25% of its total payroll, and 5% of its total sales […]

financial analysis

Use 3 of the ratios listed below in the assignment instructions to tell me if this is a healthy company. Do NOT use all the ratios for your report.  Use these ratios to build your case in the examination of your company and to back up your statements on the health of your company in […]


In 250 words or more, answer the following.You have been hired to lead a project (for example, a relocation of a corporate HQ office), similar to this project,Marriott to Move Headquarters to Downtown Bethesda With $62 Million in Incentives. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2016/10/18/marriott-to-move-headquarters-to-downtown-bethesda/)As the project manager, you know it is important to get the project off to a […]