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I need a minimum of 200 wordsIdentify a skill that you learned in Microeconomics, and explain how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario.


Please see the attached.  Need financial powerpoint presentation based on the agenda attached! Please make sure that their are detailed explanations.  Please use necessary charts and graphs to illustrate.


Conic shapes in the real world Begin by selecting Start a New Conversation. Research ONE example of a conic section in real life that has not already been used by a classmate. Make your choice (Bouncing ball) the subject of your post, and then tell us in your own words about your find. Do not […]

Financial Statements

****Only need one of these assignments****Assignment Choice #1The 2012 year-end adjusted balances taken from the general ledger of Cooperstown Services, Inc. are listed below in general ledger order.Coopertown Suppliers, Inc.DRCRCash$12,950Accounts receivable28,150Supplies8,400Prepaid insurance9,500Land115,000Buildings360,000Equipment260,000Accumulated depreciation$239,900Accounts payable35,300Salaries payable7,300Taxes payableCommon stock5,20031,500Additional paid-in capital – CommonRetained earnings15,400427,600Dividends25,400Service revenue475,000Salaries expense335,600Depreciation expense25,100Supplies expense12,950Insurance expense8,200Miscellaneous expense30,850Utilities expense5,100Total$1,237,200$1,237,200Transfer these accounts and balances to a […]

Management Discussion #2

Think about an organizational change that recently affected you. This could be a change at work in which jobs or procedures were changed, or it could be a change at school, such as a change in curriculum requirements or major revisions in registration procedures. How effectively did the organization manage the change? What could the […]


A manufacturer of an electric meter that included surge protectors to prevent damage to the meter from overloads is sued exclusively for strict product liability by an electric company after the surge protectors failed and damaged the electric meters. The manufacturer defends the claim of strict product liability on the basis that the defect in […]

Interest Rates and Bonds and Risk

1.) Consider this opinion:  “Interest rates have been generally declining for the past 30 years, and are near historical lows in the U.S.  Therefore, there is nowhere for interest rates to go but up, which means you’d have to be nuts to invest in bonds!”  What do you think?2.) Consider the statement “U.S. government bonds […]