Autism- Nursing

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As appropriate include:
pathophys (basic/brief)
epidemiology (brief- incidence/prevalence,
who does the condition/situation
most commonly affect, what are risk factors, natural history of the disease/prognosis if appropriate etc.)

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Subjective features/findings:
As appropriate: what history items are
important, what information is it
important to ascertain and from
whom?, what subjective features/
history items/behavioral/developmental features and alterations
characterize the condition/situation. If appropriate,
are there formal tools used in the
diagnosis/monitoring/evaluation of
the condition/situation? If so, include them
at appropriate points in your presentation.
(perhaps as a handout for the group)

Slide 3

Objective features/findings:
Physical/developmental characteristics/features/deficits common to the condition/situation/disorder.
Slide 4
Differential Diagnosis:
As appropriate, include differential diagnosis
Include all elements of diagnosis appropriate
to the condition/disorder/situation including diagnostic
criteria/diagnostic and/or laboratory testing etc. How is
the diagnosis made? If there are diagnostic/screening tools,
be sure to include them

Slide 5

Plan: (a primary care plan):
As appropriate:
meds: options/selection/monitoring etc.
non-pharmacologic elements of treatment plan
Family/patient education
Anticipatory Guidance
appropriate consultation/referrals
Resources for the family
Address and legal/ethical issues as appropriate
Health promotion items important to the family/child
with this diagnosis
follow up/ongoing monitoring

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