BA Social Care ACCS: Social Care practice aims to respond to the complex needs and issues facing families and vulnerable groups in contemporary Ireland

Essay Title 2018: “Social Care practice aims to respond to the complex needs and issues facing families and vulnerable groups in contemporary Ireland”. Discuss this statement with reference to a social care service user group of your choice. Your answer should provide a comprehensive understanding of your chosen group. It should also display an understanding of how a social care worker/service might respond to their needs. Word Count 1,500-2,000 words. 12pt, Times New Roman font style, 1.5-line spacing. Guide Please use essay guide/plan discussed during classes this semester. Marking Criteria 70 – 100% Excellent An excellent answer demonstrating an exceptional degree of independent reading, mastery of the key concepts relevant to the subject area and a strong degree of critical analysis. 60 – 69% Very Good A well written, well-organised answer demonstrating a strong understanding of the relevant concepts, good judgement in the application of key concepts relevant to the subject area and some evaluation and synthesis of the relevant issues. Focused reading is evident. 50 – 59% Good An answer demonstrating a good understanding of the main points and concepts. Includes essential material but is without the range of reading and interpretation deserving of a higher honour mark. 40 – 49% Satisfactory A satisfactory answer which demonstrates a general understanding of the key concepts.

Reading is limited but there will be some reference to essential material. The standard of writing may be weak in places. 0 – 39% Fail The answer fails to demonstrate that the basic material is understood. The answer fails to address the question, is incoherent and/ or fails to deal with the relevant concepts and issues to a sufficient degree. Extent of reading or research is very weak. – please submit the assessment to BL15 and attach a front cover sheet and plagiarism declaration. Some introductory guidelines on essay writing: The process of essay writing. 1. Read 2. Break down 3. Plan 4. read 5. write 6. edit and re-edit using check list! • Read the question and underline key words. • Break it down-what is it asking me to do? What does this mean? Define key terms • Plan-mind map what you intend to do. • Read-material relevant to the topic-class notes and course material, and documents/books sourced independently- take notes, summarise into your own words. • Write- begin to write- continuously refer back to the question when writing to check that you are not going off on a tangent. • Edit- Is this relevant? Have I said this already? Is this point clear? How can I say it another way? How does it relate to the question being asked? Have I provided evidence to support the point I am making?