Black Women in Early Black Religion

The research term paper will be an essay that analyzes specific aspects of three books selected from the Research Book List

RESEARCH TERM PAPER TOPIC: Black Women in Early Black Religion (SPECIFICALLY FOR MY PAPER – Amanda Smith, Maria W, Stewart, Jarena Lee, Zilpha Elaw, and Julia Foote)

The research term paper will be an analytical essay that focuses on three books selected from the research book list (I attached a file with the names of my 3 chosen books that act as references to the research material on these women – additional references/resources (web, books, articles) can be used as well but need to be cited).


Your research paper should be 6-10 pages (typed, double-spaced) in length. Your term paper should have a title and contain the following items for each of the three books you chose:

1. Full citation (APA format)

2. A summary of the author’s purpose and thesis or main argument. What is the issue that the author is trying to solve?

3. Describe with detail the method(s) that the author used in approaching his/her topic – i.e., conceptual framework, organization, research methods, and types of evidence used.

4. Summarize the findings that the author makes to verify or prove his/her thesis or main ideas. Compare how the book related to (or did not relate to) a course topic of theme (my topic was covered in class – I will additionally upload class slides to show what exactly we covered relating to this topic).

5. Describe how each book related to your specific paper topic. In your opinion was the work of these books adequate in addressing your topic? Which of the books was the strongest, weakest, and why.



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