Business Analysis


You have been asked to analyse a realistic business and through systematic fact finding and documentation identify operational issues within that business. 


 In this assignment you will be playing the role of a Business Analyst who has been selected by the top management of Airbnb ( to analysis their situation. Airbnb runs a website on which users can rent out apartments, private rooms and entire homes to other users. Being aware that Airbnb is operating in a highly dynamic environment, top management has given you the task of preparing a business report which includes a model of Airbnb’s current business system, a stakeholder analysis and a SWOT analysis.

 In particular, Airbnb is interested in identifying possible opportunities and threats for the company and a roadmap for how possible problems can be addressed. Your manager has already found several interesting web sites and articles that will help you with completing this assignment. Here is a list of the material to assist you in this report: 









In this activity students will develop the ability to gather and record information, document systems and detail business requirements. They will then convey this clearly in a well presented and articulate manner

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