Business Ratio Analysis

The subject area is construction economics and business analysis.
the term paper has two parts, part A and Part B, now i will be doing part A but would like you to do part B please.
Now i will be providing the question sheet and (5) excel sheets:
1. question sheet.
2. original data (with firms and statistics)
3. benchmarks for 2015-16
4. benchmark for 2016-17
6. research paper: TRADE CREDIT IN THE UK CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: An Empirical Analysis of Construction Contractor Financial Positioning and Performance.
The data will be provided. the original data called cm1 cw has 2 sections one is (highest rose top 40) for part A and (highest turnover growth top 40) underneath (excel bar A44 until A85) which is for part B.
1st book is Accounting For Managers: Interpreting Accounting Information for Decision Making, 5th Edition.

2nd book is

The Economics of the Modern Construction Sector

3rd one is understanding capitalism by Samuel bowles, Richard edwards and frank roosevelt


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