Business Strategic Planning

You are called in by the CEO of your organisation and asked to prepare a report on strategic plan for the business covering three time periods (most likely 1, 3 and 5 years – however this can vary depending on the business selected).

He clearly expects all his staff to be involved in the process and conduct a full external environmental analysis and an examination of how well the organisation is placed to cope with the challenges ahead.

The analysis should include the following within your discussion:

•            Proposed Mission and Vision for the Organisation

•            Identification of Key stakeholders and their needs

•            External Environmental Analysis (PEST/Scenario Planning/Competitor Analysis etc)

•            SWOT analysis

•            Ansoff Matrix and an alternative strategic directions and choice

•            Recommendations for the three time periods

Please choose an organisation from the following list:

•            Your own business in which you work

•            The Wellcome Collection

•            Volkswagen

•            P&O Cruises

•            Thomas Cook

Please produce a 2500 word discussion of these issues (not including illustrations) fully referenced using Harvard style and delivered in report format for your CEO to review.



Resubmission of Coursework

In the event that you have been advised that this piece of work needs to be resubmitted, you are to complete the report as above with additional commentary on what you have changed in light of the feedback received from the first attempt.

Resubmission date will be advised by your tutor – please check for exact date nearer the time, if this applies to you.

Hand in Guidelines


•            Your assignment will be structured as per the formal requirements of the assignment brief.

•            The assignment will use correct paragraphing, formal grammar, tenses and spelling.

•            The assignment will be word-processed.

•            The assignment will be formatted as double-spaced, justified and with a font size of exactly 12 in either Arial or Times New Roman.

•            The pages will be consecutively numbered.

•            The assignment will be submitted via Moodle.

•            The correct cover sheet must be submitted with your assignment.


•            The Harvard Referencing System will be used conventionally to identify all secondary research

•            A conventional and complete Bibliography using the Harvard Referencing System will be included.

•            This should be submitted in one list and in alphabetical order.

•            For a level 4 module assessment, a minimum of six (6) references should be used.

•            For a level 5 module assessment, a minimum of ten (10) references should be used.

•            For a level 6 module assessment, a minimum of fifteen (15) references should be used.

•            Please note that you are NOT allowed to include any reference from the Wikipedia website or from lecturer notes – your assessment may be adversely graded if Wikipedia or lecturer notes features in the referencing or Bibliography.

•            Suspected plagiarism offences will be referred to the Programme Manager and as appropriate formal warnings and University regulations will be applied. 


•            You may go 10% above or below the word count stated in the assessment brief.

o            Example: 2500 + 10% = 2750 or – 10% = 2250.

•            Tutors will mark the word count stated in the assessment brief (plus or minus the 10% above or below).

o            Example: Tutors will mark to 2750 or 2250 as normal and without penalty.

•            Tutors will not continue to mark any work above and beyond the word count in the assessment brief (plus or minus the 10% above or below).  You will be penalised based on the remaining work being unread and unmarked.  You will not receive feedback or marks for this part of your work.

o            Example: if you have written 3500 instead of 2500 you will not be marked on the additional 750 words and it will not be taken into consideration in the grades or feedback.

The word count does include:     The word count doesn’t include:

References         Data Tables (numbers)

Tables with text (words) Charts





              Title Page & Contents Page 

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