Case Analysis

Case Analysis Description TRSP 315: Land Transportation Management University of Wisconsin-Superior Daniel L. Rust, PhD Fall 2018 National Transportation Safety Board Accident Report Case Study Analysis Introduction Safety is an increasingly important consideration for transportation professionals across all modes. A minor freight train derailment carries a $500,000 price tag, and most derailments cost at least double that amount. According to the FMCSA, the average cost of a fatal truck accident involving one semi pulling a single trailer is over $7.2 million. Crude oil pipeline leaks can cost carriers upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars. Besides the monetary costs, accidents often carry additional costs such as unwanted media attention, unsatisfied customers, more difficulty attracting new customers, lowered employee morale, time required for investigation, potential for civil litigation, et cetera. Avoiding injuries and accidents is vital to the continued success of any transportation enterprise.