Case questions

Read the case “What’s the Deal?” (re: p.3). As a prospective buyer of one of these businesses, how would you carry out the due diligence necessary to assess the future potential of the business? Your answer must be supported by relevant literature and theoretical frameworks. (400-420 words)

2) Read the case “Strategies for Success” (re: p.4-5). Which of Porter’s competitive strategies are the two firms using? Explain your choice for each firm drawing on relevant literature where possible. (400-420 words) 

3) Read the case “Should an Ambulance Service Hire Its First Sales Representative?” (re: p.6-7). Discuss other methods that Action Ambulance can use to promote its services and increase its clientele. Your answer must be supported by relevant literature. (400-420 words)

4) The location of a business can significantly affect its survival and profitability and a number of factors should be considered when making a business location decision. Read the case “Transformed Locations” (re: p.8-9). Drawing on relevant literature, discuss why the locations chosen were initially considered less than ideal for these two businesses? (400-420 words)

5) The internet makes it easy to survey customers and several businesses now request their customers to complete surveys online. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online surveys? Your answer must be supported by relevant literature. (400-420 words)

6) There are several benefits to a business of selling its products and services in other countries. But what are the hidden costs to a business that is expanding globally? Use examples from the literature. (400-420 words)

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