Case study group-Communication & Media

You will need to produce a Case Study that will analyze the communication strategies used by the student group members while operating in a cross-cultural context. With the Case Study, you will need to include A 2500 word case study & comic strip (both have equal weight)
Report 2500 word Recommended sections of your report: 
(i) Executive summary/Abstract (~200 words and less)
(ii) Review of literature related to the main topics (~700 words and less)
(iii) Description of the project including visuals and a brief introduction to your collaborative team and its members (~300 words and less – you might revisit exiting information such as your design brief and your information already included on your project sites)
(iv) Analysis of the team work in relation to literature review (~500 words and less)
(v) Discussion in relation to literature and the case study analyses (~400 words)
(vi) Conclusion (~350 words and less).