Case Study in College Facility Naming Rights Dilemma

SMT 110: Case Study in College Facility Naming Rights Dilemma


The primary purpose of this assignment is to promote critical thinking by applying foundational sport management and athletic administration knowledge learned throughout this course to a case. You should be integrating concepts and material learned from this class. You should also employ your research skills to seek information through many other credible sources to complement your critical thinking skills. This case stud is worth 10% of your final grade. Developing a case study For this case, you are tasked with identifying significant factors in determining the naming rights agreement, as well as pursuing the agreement with one of two potential partners. Be sure to evaluate the case with an emphasis on integrating course material. Case Study Guidelines At the end of your paper, you need to include references. Remember that there are no single “right” answers for case studies. Instead, there are analyses and solutions for a case. A successful case study report will likely contain four sections. The following is a suggested guideline for preparing your case study report.

Section 1: Executive Summary • Briefly summarize the case • Outline the PSU’s naming rights dilemma and issues of PSU’s arena and the athletic program (i.e., performance, budget, game attendance, current status of the arena, event scheduling at the arena, broadcasting, and etc.) Section 2: Main Concerns for Arena Naming Rights Identify the main concerns when Athletic Direction Carter considers the issue of selling the corporate naming rights. If any other concerns in your mind, add them in this section.


Section 3: Important Factors to Pursue a Naming Rights Agreement As athletic director, assess the naming rights value of the arena. What are the most important factors the athletic director should consider in whether to pursue a naming rights agreement for the arena? Address at least 3 factors and explain why. Be sure to properly reference all relevant sources using APA style. Section 4: Selecting an Appropriate Partner Summarize advantages and disadvantages or strengths and weaknesses of each of the two potential partners (i.e., Allcell vs. Smartyphone). Identify the best partner. Justify your choice by explaining how it will solve the major concern(s) and how you (Athletic Direction) handles public criticism of the decision. Add if you have recommendations in the assessment and selection process.