Case study of International Cultural Diplomacy


The paper should be based on specific documentation that should be reflected adequately in the footnotes (that means there is no need to have a separate bibliographical list), should observe the copy-right commitment, and should be prepared by using Word Document (therefore no PDF).

2.2.. Topic – free to choose any topic as long as it is either directly or indirectly related to the topic of a case-study of international cultural diplomacy.

advice is to choose as small a topic as possible in order to make sure you can properly write about it within the limits of 2,500 words.

For Case Studies Analysis we would suggest including the following points as a possible structure:

1. Historical Context – Please briefly describe the historical context in which the cultural diplomacy institution/case study was created.

2. Agent – Please explain the details of what kind of agent of cultural diplomacy the institution is (non-governmental, non-profit organization, technical details, etc.).

3. Agenda- Please explain the agenda or mission of the institution.

4. Vehicle – Please explain the vehicle of cultural diplomacy and how the institution is practicing cultural diplomacy.

5. Target Audience – Please explain the target audience of the institution.

Finally, and most importantly please choose a specific research question that you would like to answer in your paper. It is not enough to just describe the work of a certain institution, however present a clear research question and then in the paper please answer it.

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