What Role (If Any) Should Social Media Play in Recruiting?

Assignment: What Role (If Any) Should Social Media Play in Recruiting? Read the following article: https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/hr-magazine/pages/0914-social-media-hiring.aspx http://www.ghrr.com/blog/2015/11/13/the-pros-and-cons-of-social-media-screening/ Write a paper discussing the following: • What is your opinion before researching the topic? • Research the topic of using social media during the hiring process. What are the pros and cons?

• Did your opinion change after you researched the topic? Paper should be in APA format. Following links are also to be used for sources if necessary please: http://www.workplaceethicsadvice.com/2015/07/the-ethics-of-using-social-media-in-hiring-decisions.html http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2013/04/16/how-social-media-can-help-or-hurt-your-job-search/#4af8fd3d24fd https://www.eremedia.com/sourcecon/a-sourcers-love-hate-relationship-with-social-media/ https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/4-ways-you-can-make-better-use-of-social-media/ https://www.eremedia.com/ere/the-5-levels-of-social-media-recruitment-maturity/ https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/legal-implications-of-social-media-in-the-workplace/ Grading Criteria-written assignment: This paper needs a rich content. The information is presented in such a way that the reader feels significantly informed by the author. The writer sustains a thoughtful, analytic argument, looking at ideas from more than one point of view, asking difficult questions and following them up with analysis. Sometimes a paper achieves an A because a student develops a thoughtful and well-defined interpretive approach and an awareness of his or her own position in relation to the positions in the assigned readings. This paper must demonstrate the writer making substantial interpretive connections between the ideas of two or more texts.

Student interventions;Each response should be unique not repetitive. Back your opinions up by relevant facts. 3. Responses should reference the attachments and assignment readings. Use provided APA citing sources to avoid plagiarism to make your argument

1. In the attached instruction document you will see Order Instructions which will have what to include in each contribution.

2. When it comes to responses, say something substantive. Each response should be unique not repetitive. Back your opinions up by relevant facts.

3. Responses should reference the attachments and assignment readings. Use provided APA citing sources to avoid plagiarism to make your argument seem more legitimate – it makes your point stronger. No vaqueness -much detail – no wordiness.

4. Don’t procrastinate. Follow instruction. Make sure each question/point are answered. Attention to detail and quality is priority.

5. Prior to starting, ask any/all question if you’re confused about the instructions.

5. Before finalizing work: review work for clarity and tone. Write in clear, complete sentences. Use proper transition to connect in writing. Check grammar (grammerly), spelling, and no wordiness – factual – to the point. Check to make sure you satisfied all the requirements in the order instructions.

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Psychology,With using your client, you will go to pages 204-205 and use the list of 11 categories of the how a disability results in functional limitations. Be sure to explain how each are a limitation and how you will explain to the employer the function

With using your client, you will go to pages 204-205 and use the list of 11 categories of the how a disability results in functional limitations. Be sure to explain how each are a limitation and how you will explain to the employer the functional limitations of your client and the accommodations needed for your client to perform the work duties. Note: Research the client’s disability to have detail information on how the disability could impact the client (i.e., symptoms, medication, etc.). Provide feedback to your classmates.

please see the paper requirements

I am taking a molecular biochemistry course in the department of chemistry, and professor requires us to write an NIH grant proposal as the final project of the semester. I have chosen a topic for you, you then will need to put forward 2-3 specific aims based on this chosen topic in order to write the proposal. Below is my chosen topic, which has been submitted to and approved by my professor.
Topic: Because natively unstructured proteins (or natively disordered proteins) can be easily degraded in the cell via ubiquitination or other pathways when they are no longer needed, it has been argued that there could be a benefit to being unfolded if very tight regulation of the protein function is required. To support this argument, it has been noted that many natively unfolded proteins have been found operating in signaling and transcriptional regulation pathways, where rapid switching of the signal is required. But there is little evidence for this idea.
The requirements of this project are as follows, I have already uploaded a sample NIH-style grant proposal as well as a very detail instruction on how to write this proposal, you will have to read them carefully before starting to write the proposal. You only need to write 4 parts in this proposal, those are: specific aims, significance/background, innovation, approach. In addition, when you cite other research papers as the references, please don’t forget to use superscript in the proposal and you have to give the reference list at the end of the proposal. You should use the papers published in ACS Publications (https://pubs.acs.org/)

Project: 30% of your grade is reserved for an original proposal. This includes a 5-page written document in the form of an NIH-style grant that will be reviewed by your peers. Your proposal should involve a novel idea to determine an unsolved problem in biochemistry (focus on structure-function relationship).Grading will be based on the originality of the idea, quality of written proposal, and evaluation from your peer review panel.

Structure of the Proposal (a detailed instruction can be found in the uploaded file, this structure is just a very brief instruction provided by our professor):
1. Specific Aims (1 page): The purpose of the specific aims is to describe concisely and realistically the goals of the proposed research and summarize the expected outcome(s), including the impact of the proposed research will exert on the research fields involved

2. Significance and background (~1.5 pages): The Significance section should explain the importance of the problem or describe the critical barrier to progress in the field that is being addressed. Explain how the proposed research project will improve scientific knowledge, technical capability, and/or clinical practice in one or more broad fields. Describe how the concepts, methods, technologies, treatments, services, or preventative interventions that drive this field will be changed if the proposed aims are achieved. It should cover the state of existing knowledge, including literature citations and highlights of relevant data.

3. Innovation (~0.5 page): Explain how the application challenges and seeks to shift current research or clinical practice paradigms. Describe any novel theoretical concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation or interventions to be developed or used, and any advantage over existing methodologies, instrumentation, or interventions. Explain any refinements, improvements, or new applications of theoretical concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation, or interventions.

4. Approach: (~2 pages): The purpose of the approach section is to describe how the research will be carried out. This section is crucial to how favorably an application is reviewed.

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Interviewee Career Analysis Paper: Theory of Work Adjustment & Super’s Theory of Career Development

Final Research and Analysis Paper: For this final component in your course project, you will revise your Unit 6 assignment based on the feedback you have received, and complete a similar analysis of your interviewee using a different career development theory. You will also need to examine your interview findings through the lens of cultural influences and ethical concerns. You are expected to integrate the feedback that you receive on your Unit 2 and Unit 6 assignments into your Unit 9 assignment. Your paper should include the following elements: Describe your interviewee’s situation, including his or her interests, preferences, personality, skills, and values. You do not need to address all five of these aspects, but you should address at least two. (From your Unit 6 assignment.) Interpret your interviewee’s work and life career history and development within the framework of at least two career development theories presented in the course: USE THE FOLLOWING THEORIES: (TWA)Theory of Work Adjustment & Super’s theory of Career Development. Evaluate the cultural influences and unplanned unique career and professional development events affecting the work and life career history and career development of your interviewee. Evaluate potential ethical concerns if the interviewee became a personal career counseling client. Describe how the application of career counseling theory may assist the interviewee in managing career development. Analyze current trends in the field supported by the scholarly literature that may be beneficial to the interviewee, given his or her context. Demonstrate professional communication skills, including graduate-level writing skills and proper APA style and formatting. Assignment Requirements Research and references: Provide a minimum of 15 scholarly references in proper APA style. Refer to the APA Style and Format Campus page for assistance. Number of pages: The body of your paper must be 12–18 pages, excluding the cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references (see the required sections information). Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Formatting: Present your paper in APA format. Written communication: Written communication must reflect graduate-level writing skills and successfully convey the message. Required sections: A cover page, which includes: The title of your paper. Your name. Your specialization or program. Title and number of this course. The current quarter and year at Capella. Your e-mail address. The instructor’s name. An abstract, or brief summary of your paper. A table of contents. The body of the research paper, including appropriately organized headings and subheadings. A reference list, in proper APA style and format, of the sources cited in your paper

Literary analysis essay on characteriztion

You will be writing a literary analysis essay discussing the characterization of the pilgrims who journey to Canterbury in “The Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales. Your essay will be a 5-paragraph, double-spaced essay. Make sure that you have a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction and clear topic sentences in each body paragraph
The description of each pilgrim provides insight into not only the characters, but also medieval culture and the view Chaucer has about the culture. Choose one character from the prologue to analyze, focusing specifically on:
● the character’s qualities, motivation, and flaws (first body paragraph)
● how the character reflects medieval culture (second body paragraph)
● Chaucer’s opinion about the culture (third body paragraph

Human anatomy and physiology

Human anatomy and physiology
Any subject related to humans with respect to a disease syndrome or malady. A relevant medical topic would also apply just need to be up to date

Sources should have number superscript that can be found in the reference/cited sources on a separate last page or foot note


You may use “Hellenistic Philosophy: Introductory Readings Second Edition” (it’s a book with a yellow cover)

Epicurus: Letter to Herodotus (begins on page 5) -Letter to Pythocles, Letter to Menoeceus and Maxims (begins page 19) -The testimonies of Cicero and Lucretius (begins on pages 45 and 63) -The Polemic of Plutarch, Fragments and Testimonial, Lucretius, DRN book 3 (page 65) -Ethics: The Testimony of Diogenes Laertius -Seneca, Shortness of life, to Helvia and Tranquility of Mind -Academic Scepticism (page 261) -Sceptic Ethics (page 387) a) What primary text(x) you plan to engage. You may want to focus on one specific text or work with more than one. You may also bring in a thinker from a different period but Hellenistic philosophy has to be your primary focus and must be analyzed and discussed in detail. (b) The issue you wish to focus on and its relevance. Your paper should not be a survey or summary of what the author(s) is/are arguing for.

A good paper should start by identifying a problem, a difficulty, a hypothesis you wish to explore and resolve. (c) What secondary sources you have found. As long as they are relevant to your project, you are welcome to make use of any external sources you wish to use (novels, movies, scientists, religious thinkers, etc.) However, you must make use of (at least) TWO scholarly sources on ancient philosophy. You can start by looking at the articles on Canvas. As your topic gets more precisely defined, you will have to do further research on your own. For this, use the library catalogue, look at the “philosopher’s index” (on the library web page under “Indexes and databases”) and of course you can always talk to me. (d) What do you want to argue for? Philosophy papers are argumentative. Even when they tend to be hermeneutic (as often happens in history of philosophy), your interpretation still has to be supported by some argument. It is probable that at this early stage you’re not quite sure about your thesis (as you work on your project and learn more about it, you’re likely to change your thesis.) Still you need to start somewhere. Even if you are not completely sure, you need to at least suggest a hypothesis as a starting point.

“Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders”

This assignment will need a transcript, it is a separate document. Please let me know how I can submit it. Please provide 2 sources. Refer to “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders” for specifics related to the case study used to inform the assignment. Using “Home Visit With Sallie Mae Fisher” and “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders,” complete the following components of this assignment: Essay Portion: After viewing the home visit, write an essay  in which you do the following: – Identify, prioritize, and describe at least four problems. – Provide substantiating evidence (assessment data) for each problem identified. – Identify and describe at least four medical and/or nursing interventions. – Discuss your rationale for the interventions identified. 

MG2138 Coursework: A State-of-the-Art Review and Company Analysis: Use of new Technologies in Logistics and Supply Chain and their implications for Sustainability

Main Objective of the assessment

The purpose of this coursework is to develop skills in tying together theory and practice so that you gain valuable insight into the significance of marketing channels and logistics as a realistic activity.


TOPIC: How BIG DATA analytics can contribute towards a sustainable supply chain?


Description of the Assessment

The individual coursework assignment relates directly to the learning outcomes of this module and should consist of two parts – A and B:


Part A: State-of-the-Art-Review (1500 words)


In Part A, provide a state-of-the-art review on “Use of new Technologies in Logistics and Supply Chain and their implications for Sustainability” specifically discussing the trends, opportunities and challenges in this field using up-to-date academic journal articles and other articles.


A state-of-the-art review should consider mainly the most current research in the given area or concerning the given topic. It often summarizes current and emerging educational trends, research priorities and standardizations in a particular field of interest. The review must aim to provide a critical survey of the extensive literature produced in the past decade, a synthesis of current thinking in the field. It may offer new perspectives on an issue or point out an area in need of further research.


To conduct the analysis and review, search and use journal articles/papers published in the last ten years in some of the following academic journals (e.g.):


International Journal of Production Economics

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

International Journal of Production Management

Journal of Operations Management

Journal of Supply Chain Management

International Journal of Production Research

Production and Operations Management


Finally, present your state-of-the-art review in 1500 words by reading and analyzing papers published in the above listed journals in the last ten years.


Part B: Company Analysis (1500 words)


In Part B, you are expected to critically analyse the supply chain processes of any one of Fortune 500 companies. Once you have selected the company you would like to examine, prepare a report of 1500 words making sure you include the following in your analysis:


A brief background of the company (300 words).

An evaluation of the company’s supply chain & how new technologies contribute to its sustainability indicators (1200 words)


Part A and B Overall Requirements:


References: A “References” section is required to be included at the end of the coursework. This section will include the details of all the references used for both Part A and B in the coursework (minimum 15 journal articles ABS 3* and 4*) as per Brunel University Library’s referencing style.

Appendix: Additionally, you may include an “Appendix” section after the “References” section. This section will not be considered for calculating the number of words.

Total Word Count: The assignment should be completed in report format of no more than 3000 words in total not including references, title page and appendices.


Submission Instructions

The report must be prepared as a pdf file and submitted using the completed coversheet via Wiseflow assignment submission feature by the deadline. The file must have the following format:


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