Criminal Law: Correctional institutions

This essay assignment has several parts to it: (#1 Formal Introduction to explain the importance of communicating effectively with offenders, #2 all questions to be answered in body of essay (no bullet points), #3 formal conclusion, #4 completed misconduct report for scenario)

The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE)

 My Personal Leadership Analysis The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) has identified critical competencies for nurse managers found at During this course, we focus on the “Leader Within,” utilizing the set of guidelines and tenants which facilitate reflective practice. The “Dimensions of Leadership” developed by the Center for Nursing Leadership, offer an example of a set of guidelines/tenants that can be used as a tool to guide personal reflection of an individual’s leadership behaviors. Reflection includes a definition of the concept to demonstrate understanding and an example of how you have used or will potentially use this skill. Utilizing what you have learned (from the AONE Nurse Manager competencies, your assigned Nurse Leader, class discussions, assigned readings, videos, podcasts and articles, and discussion forums) write a scholarly paper presenting a reflection of your personal leadership best practices (actual and/or aspirational) incorporating ALL of the following content points: 1. Holding the truth: The presence of integrity as a key value of leadership. 2. Appreciation of ambiguity: Learning to function comfortably amid the ambiguity of our environments. 3. Diversity as a vehicle to wholeness: The appreciation of diversity in all its forms: race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, generational, the dissenting voice and differences of all kinds. 4. Holding multiple perspectives without judgment: Creation and holding a space so that multiple perspectives are entertained before decisions are rendered. 5. Discovery of potential: The ability to search for and find the potential in ourselves and in others. 6. Quest for adventure towards knowing: Creating a constant state of learning for the self, as well as an organization. 7. Knowing something of life: The use of reflective learning and translation of that learning to the work at hand. 8. Nurturing the intellectual and emotional self: Constantly increasing one’s knowledge of the world and the development of the emotional self. 9. Keeping commitments to oneself: Creating the balance that regenerates and renews the spirit and body so that it can continue to grow. Your paper should be a minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 10 pages, double-spaced, APA format excluding Title page and Reference Pages. You must cite at least five outside source references from peer reviewed journals within the past 5 years to explain and support your position. Textbook and credible and reputable internet sources may be used in addition to journal references. Reference style: American Psychological Association (2009). Publication Manual of American PsychologicalAssociation(6th Ed.).Washington,D.C. Reference American Organization of Nurse Executives. (2015). AONE Nurse Manager Competencies. Chicago, IL: Author. Retrieved April 11, 2017 from:

Determination of Success Usage of Information Systems In the states of Qatar

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Order Description

Type: Research Papers

Subject: Business

APA style

5pages Double spaged

  1. The title is changed and the model as well . please scan the document and make it all consistent and related to the topic.
  2. IN THE PURPOSE SECTION: please focus more on the public sector, find specific studies and why the study is about the public sector.
  3. In the literature review :
    1. IS Success usage

Definition of success is in term of usage and includes Usage: definition; in terms of frequency and how efficiently and effectively and utilization. Write about success in term of frequency of usage and utilization of the system features two remove the satisfaction part.( please use recent paper 2016 if possible and related to the region GCC specially Qatar ).

That will lead to the following hypothesis:

UT has a positive effect on IS success

FRQ has a positive effect on IS success

  1. In the attitude section

definition and the attitude toward usage and how its related to the usage remove the satisfaction part.

  1. In PE section: try to find more studies addressing these issues in the public sector and justify more.
  2. EE section: try to justify more
  1. Make a table of all the hypothesis after the model.

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Define the three energy pathways. For each pathway, identify two exercises that utilize the pathway. If you were training to run a marathon, which pathway would be the focal point of your training?

Instructions: Learning experiences are designed to increase your knowledge in areas that interest you. Learning experiences allow you to integrate the material and serve as a means for ISSA graders to assess your grasp of course concepts. Each essay response is required to be a minimum of 250 words and, most importantly, include your personal insights as to how the topic will help you as a future professional trainer. Because these essays are open-book, take the time to provide ample information, detail, and personal analysis in each essay response. While there is a minimum word requirement for each essay, there is not a maximum word limit. Feel free to elaborate as needed with relevant information to meet your own personal level of satisfaction. Students utilize ISSA education in various ways: some target specific types of clients, some focus in a particular area of fitness, some simply want to improve their own well being. Be sure to tailor each learning experience response to best fit your personal and professional interests. Learning Experiences, Section 1: (Units 1 – 3) Choose one of the learning experiences below and write a 250-word essay response. 1. Define the three energy pathways. For each pathway, identify two exercises that utilize the pathway. If you were training to run a marathon, which pathway would be the focal point of your training? What types of activities would you incorporate into your marathon training and why? How will an understanding of energy pathways help you in your future training endeavors? 2. Compare and contrast the body’s physiological responses to aerobic training and anaerobic training. What adaptations must the body undergo if either of the training protocols are performed exclusively for over a year? How will an understanding of aerobic and anaerobic training help you in your future training endeavors?


Every Student Succeeds Act (2015)

 The primary goal of your final assignment is to critically analyze the specific topic you have chosen regarding American national government. Must cover Historical and constitutional basis for the American Government’s structure. The system of checks and balances. The various roles (e., public opinion, media, special interest groups, etc.) concerning public policy and elections. The voting system and election process.

what is marketing concept

The paper is intended to be a personal response, analytical in nature, to specific behavior read or discussed in class, or researched concerning a behavior topic of interest to the student. You are encouraged to defend, condemn, praise, or otherwise critique as you see fit. You should succinctly express the purpose of your paper, criteria upon which your evaluation or analysis is based, and your conclusions, suggestions, or implications. The APA style of writing is recommended, but not required. The minimum length of the paper is ten (10) doubled spaced pages of text plus the title page and reference page (12 pages). An abstract is not required. Would like the subject to be how alcohol and tobacco/vaping is marketed to young people. The BAD and/or good.

Should online and face to face discussions be graded in a graduate-level program and if so how?

Research paper must be atleast 8 pages for the BODY this does not include references or abstract page, must be APA style and must have atleast three peer reviewed resources. This research paper must have atleast 4 peer reviewed articles from journals(for both online discussions AND discussions in a face-to-face course format). Research must be based on the topic (especially with a graduate level audience and not just with traditional-aged college students) Preferred language style US English

Critical reflective piece


The overall purpose of this task is for to you demonstrate that you are able to justify and critically analyse your own practice in relation to social work law, knowledge, skills and values relating to: social work methods and models of intervention; ethical dilemmas; inter-professional challenges and/or dilemmas; risk and resilience; research; and/or evidence based practice. You must accurately reference your work throughout.


Provide a critical reflection on a piece of work you have undertaken with an individual, family or group. Include brief references to the PCF, legislation, and relevant literature to support your discussions and evaluate your learning, and include a reference list.

·         Provide a brief introductory paragraph regarding the event/case, including the main reason for the agency’s involvement.

·         Outline how you assessed and planned your work

·         Outline what interventions you actually carried out and why

·         Include a critical evaluation of your understanding and use of professional judgement and autonomy.

·         Discuss and evaluate how you assessed and managed risk

·         What skills, methods and approaches did you consider or apply to your practice

·         What helped you to reflect on your practice and development

·         Include the challenges and dilemmas you faced and how you addressed these

·         Reflect on what you learnt about yourself (self-awareness), your skills, your values, and your resilience

·         What future learning needs have you identified and how will you address these


I need to write a critical reflective piece of work about a young person in placement in the leaving care team.


I previously had contact with this young person when I was on placement last year in a foster agency. This young person was on my caseload then and on my final placement I have the young person on my case load in the leaving care team.


This young person and her family have been known to social services since 2005. The issues surrounding social services being involved is round the young persons mum not being able to cope with the young persons behaviour. The young person has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD and her childhood has been challenging with her presenting aggressive and violent behaviours.


Initially after leaving her mothers home the young person went to live with her grandparents but her behaviours became too much for the grandparents and they asked for social services to intervene. At this point the young person was self harming as well and the grandparents did not feel that they could keep her safe.


The young person was eventually accommodated under a section 20.


The young person has had two foster placements break down due to her behaviour and when I met her she had been placed in a new foster placement. The young person has displayed signs of aggressive behaviours verbally and physically but she seemed t overcome these, she was able to speak to both foster carers and the problems seemed to get resolved. The young person was attending college and had a new girlfriend, which could be quite volatile at times. Whilst I was in placement the relationship did become a bit fraught and at one time it seemed like the placement was going to breakdown due to her behaviours.


When my placements was finished the placement seemed stable and the young person seemed to understand about the behaviours that she was displaying but she was able to control them.


When starting my second year placement I cam across this young person again and was informed that the previous foster placement where I knew her from had broken down and she as wit new foster carers and had been there for about eight weeks. The previous placement broke down due to volatile behaviours and I believe that the foster carers felt that they were no longer able to cope with the young person. When I went to meet the young person again I could not believe the change that I witnessed. This young person was full of confidence and was very happy with life in general. She was very happy with her new foster placement and felt like she fitted in as part of the family. This young person was more than happy to talk to me about what she had been doing and what she had achieved and this was a huge contrast compared to the previous year when conversation was very hard to get out of the young person.


This young person was extremely positive about her future and was keen to tell me what the involved and how she was going to achieve it. This was lovely to see. Obviously the other placement just wasn’t right for the young person but this placement I feel is going to be extremely beneficial to this young person and will also help her grown towards her own independence and eventually being able to live n her own independently.



Then 100 words approx. for each section relating the domains to the leaving care team in social services

Domain 1 Professionalism

Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development



Domain  2 Values and Ethics

Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide professional practice


Domain 3 Diversity

Recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles in practice


Domain  4 Rights, Justice and Economic well-being

Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic well being


Domain 5 Knowledge

Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory)


Domain 6 Critical reflection and Analysis

Apply critical reflection and analysis to inform and provide a rationale for professional decision making


Domain 7 Intervention and Skill

Use judgement and authority to intervene with individuals, families and communities to promote independence, provide support and prevent harm, neglect and abuse


Domain 8 Contexts and Organisations

Engage with, inform and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice. Operate effectively within organisational frameworks; contribute to the development of the service/organisation. Operate effectively within multi agency and inter-professional partnership settings.


Domain 9 Professional Leadership

Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others through supervision, mentoring, assessing, research, teaching, leadership and management



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Cost & Benefit Analysis. Case study


– What   proposed   policy   does   the   CBA   concern?     

-Why   is   the   policy   challenge   important   to   the  reader?   

·         The   effective   introduction  will   describe   the   proposed  policy   subject   of   the   CBA,  and   communicate   the   stakes  of   the   analysis   and  importance   of   the  underlying   policy   challenge.



Critique   of   Core  CBA   Elements 

-Which   specific   policy   options were  compared   in   the   CBA?   

-Who   has    standing ?   

 -What   is   the    time   horizon ?   

– List   explicitly   which   costs   and   benefits   were  calculated,   and   describe   how   each   was  measured . 

  -Which   methods   are   used   to   estimate  nonmonetary   costs   and   benefits?   

-How   are    distributional   considerations  (e.g.  relative   impacts   on   lower   income   people)  addressed   in   the   analysis   (if   they   are   at   all)?   In  other   words,   how   do   the   authors   address  (in)equality   in   the   impacts   of   the   various   policy  options?   

·         Effective   responses   to  questions   concerning   the  core   elements   of   the   CBA  will   deliver   a   (1)   summary  of   the   element   as   presented  by   the   authors,   and   (2)   your  critique   of   the   author’s  handling   of   the   element  (i.e.,   whether   you   agree  with   the   authors’   choices   in  the   analysis   and   why)   in   5  sentences   or   less . 



Critique   of  Recommendation 

-Based   on   the   analysis   presented,  do   you   agree   with  the   recommendation(s)   made   by   the   authors?   

-Did   the   author   leave   any   key   costs   or   benefits  out   of   the   analysis? 

 – Do   you   recognize   any   assumptions   that  underlie   the   calculation   of   costs,   benefits   and  net   present   value?   

           Is   this   an   effective   application   of   CBA?

·         The   effective   critique   of   the  authors’   recommendations  will   bring   together   the  critiques   of   the   core  elements   described   above,  and    attempt   to  identify  strengths   and/or   blind   spots  in   the   authors’   analyses .


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Assignment 1 – Report on language assessment instrument

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Critically review one published language test or another well-established language assessment procedure. Consider the views of language and language learning that underpin the development and application of this instrument. You need to thoroughly investigate and review available research, development and validation work that has gone into it. Discuss issues of practicality and fairness in relation to the use of this instrument. You should also consider the impact of the use of this instrument on the learners / users of the language, the teachers, the teaching programs and curricula, as well as other relevant people, organisations or institutions. If you have been involved in the development of an assessment instrument yourself, you may choose to review this instrument and explain the process of development and the theoretical positions informing its development and use.

Produce a report on your chosen assessment instrument that would be of value to potential users, identifying its history, theoretical underpinnings, educational purposes, and limitations. Discuss whether the assessment instrument or approach conforms to / is influenced by / or influences available standards that exist beyond the immediate test taking contexts. Discuss how each of the instrument’s facets affects the performances of language learners being assessed.

Assessment criteria

  • You provide a clear and detailed description of the assessment instrument, its history, purpose, and uses.
  • You have clearly described and discussed in depth the views of language and language learning underpinning the instrument.
  • You provide a clear and detailed discussion of the instrument’s validity, reliability, practicality, fairness and impact.
  • You demonstrate your abilities to research this topic effectively, as demonstrated by your use of a wide range of appropriate sources of information that goes beyond the set texts for this unit. These have been quoted appropriately and reviewed critically.
  • The quality of writing throughout the report is consistently high. This includes using language, writing style and structure that are appropriate and accurate. Care has been taken to edit the writing before submission to avoid errors and inconsistencies. Appropriate formatting of the document contributes to the clarity of your writing. Use of references, both in text and in a reference list is consistently well managed and follows expected style.

How to submit:

Your report should be included in one Word document. You need to submit it via the appropriate dropbox in DSO.

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