Informatics Solution Proposal: Issue Identification

The purpose of the Informatics Solution Proposal is to increase knowledge and ability with informatics and technology products for the health care workplace setting. You will review the functionality of various products and select one that best meets the needs of a health care setting. During this project, spanning Weeks 2-5, you will identify a clinical or administrative issue and propose an informatics solution. Each week, you will work on an element of this project. In Week 5, you will synthesize your work into a proposal appropriate for the directors of a health care organization. Identify an issue in a health care workplace that could be resolved by implementing an informatics or technology solution. The issue can be an administrative issue or a clinical issue. Draft a 350-word letter or memo to a nursing administrator informing them of the clinical or administrative problem, why it is a concern, and a request for permission to propose a solution. Support your letter with at least three peer-reviewed resources from CINAHL and Sage Journals as references. Format the letter according to APA guidelines for formal business correspondence. Provide an APA-formatted reference page for all resources used. Course Textbook: Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals (5th Edition)

Technical review of quadcoptor

Description Write a technical review of quadcoptor firmware design and modeling. The review should include details on sensors, actuators (e.g. motors) and communication mechanisms that the firmware is controlling. The review should be no more than 8 pages. 1. Introduction Open source firmware projects for quadcoptors include PX4, ArduPilot etc. The silverware firmware for example runs on the H8mini hardware – see schematic below. The firmware monitors battery power and controls:  The M688 gyro and accelerometer to provide the quadcoptor’s orientation.  The nrf24 compatible radio to retrieve user commands such as thrust, roll etc.  The motors to orientate the quadcoptor and accelerate it in a direction Simulation and modeling are used extensively in embedded systems design. For example, the quadcoptor sensors can be simulated in jmavsim and its pose (x,y,x and angular orientation) can be displayed in a simulated 3d world – see here for more details This simulation forms a model or platform on which a given firmware can run. For example:  The HackFlight firmware runs on hardware platforms such as the LadyBug flightcontroller The HackFlight firmware also runs on the HackFlightSim platform which is a model of a real hardware platform  The PX4 firmware can run on various hardware platforms and software simulated platforms. PX4 can run on the AirSim simulator – in this case sensors such as the accelerometer and gyroscope are simulated by AirSim. All simulators communicate with PX4 using the Simulator MAVLink API – see See This API defines a set of MAVLink messages that supply sensor data from the simulated world to PX4 and return motor and actuator values from the flight code that will be applied to the simulated vehicle. The image below shows the message flow. The Review – a possible outline Part 1: Overview of Quadcoptor hardware and control See the attached papers for such an overview:  Build your own quadrotor: Open-source projects on unmanned aerial vehicles, by Hyon Lim, Jaemann Park,Daewon Lee, and H.J. Kim  “Open-Source Project (OSPs) Platform for Outdoor Quadcopter” by S. Sabikan 1 and S. W. Nawawi.  Low Cost and Flexible UAV Deployment of Sensors, by Lars Yndal Sørensen 1 , Lars Toft Jacobsen 2 and John Paulin Hansen. See also the readme and wiki for Hackflight – Part 2: Models and firmware design See the following papers and links:  PX4: A Node-Based Multithreaded Open Source Robotics Framework for Deeply Embedded Platforms, by Lorenz Meier, Dominik Honegger and Marc Pollefeys.  Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform (AirSim), by Shital Shah, Debadeepta Dey, Chris Lovett and Ashish Kapoor.  PX4 developer guide –  Papers from part 2 contain detail on firmware design. See also the following links and attached papers as the basis of your review of firmware design and simulation platforms.

Impression-Management: Review the strategies of impression management that you explored in the textbook and in the learning activities.

Review the strategies of impression management that you explored in the textbook and in the learning activities.

Consider which strategies of impression management you’ve engaged in at work, or which strategies you’ve noticed others engaging in at work. Conduct research on some of the most common and helpful impression-management strategies to use in the workplace. Create a 2-3 page essay that identifies and explains impression-management strategies for the workplace.

Training and Development Methods

Discussion Learning Activity 4.3: Training and Development Methods Discussion Introduction and Purpose of Assignment Once employees are working at an organization, training and development becomes a critical part of an overall performance management system. Objectives • Explain the various methods used in the training and development process. (4.2) Theory and Context Training is critical in introducing new employees (onboarding or orientation) and addressing any skills discrepancies. Ongoing training is also important in keeping employees’ skills current with changing or evolving position descriptions. Once employees possess the necessary skills to be successful in their current job, development takes place in order to build a pool of internal candidates to fill future positions. Instructions 1. Discuss the types of training and development techniques that are used at your place of work or a company you know well. a. Which techniques seem most effective? Why? b. Which techniques had limited success? Why? 2. Post your responses in the discussion forum titled 4.3 Training and Development Methods Discussion.

Describe how you would monitor the new waste management procedures and how you would report the progress to management and staff.

Question 4 Describe how you could measure and document current resource usage for the following at Ellia Hotel.  Paper  Energy, such as electricity  Transportation  Wastage. A minimum of one example for each item is required. add reference as necessary Ellia Hotel continued After conducting research and consulting with relevant people you have developed a plan of action. You are now ready to implement your changes although, cautious of your actions and how they may impact on others. Having seen a number of systems fail due to the way they were introduced and implemented in the past you decided to evaluate this process. As part of your implementation plan, you have decided to provide an ongoing monitoring program and evaluation process. Question 5 Describe the approach you would take as manager to communicate the changes, including assigned responsibilities, proposed outcomes and activities to both your team and senior management. add reference as necessary Question 6 Describe how you would support your team during this project. add reference as necessary

Question 7 a) Describe how you would monitor the new waste management procedures and how you would report the progress to management and staff. b) List at least five pieces of key information you would include in your evaluation tool. add reference as necessary Question 8 List three strategies you could implement to evaluate the overall project. add reference as necessary

The Old Testament Story (pgs. 1-20. This chapter is designed to introduce you to the academic study of Scripture.) Genesis 1-11 – Harper Collins Study Bible

1.What is the Old Testament, and how did the term originate?


2.Why did the Israelites begin their story with the Exodus?


3.How did the Septuagint affect the way various Christian groups view the biblical canon today?


4.What are the three major concerns of literary and historical studies of the biblical text?


5.What are some ways in which modern technology is making a contribution to archaeology?


6.Explain the significance of the following groups of people: Sumerians, Akkadians, Amorites,Hurrians, Arameans, Habiru, and Hittites.


7.Who were the Hyksos? What role might they have played in the early history of Israel?


8.What are the four major divisions of Palestine from west to east?

9.How did the Shephelah function in biblical times to protect the area of Judah?

10.What were the two major north-south roads in ancient Palestine, and why were they so important?


Compare the portraits of God in 1:1-2:4a to those in 2:4b-3:25. What do they say about Israel’s understanding of God?

12.What is the theological importance of the biblical Flood story?

13.How are the covenant accounts in Genesis 13:14-17, 15:17-21, and 17:1-21 alike, and how do they differ?

14.How do you account for the similarities between the stories about Sarah and the Pharaoh (Gen. 12:14-20), Sarah and Abimelech (20:1-18), and Rebekah and Abimelech (26:6-11)?

15.How do the stories about Joseph differ from other patriarchal stories?

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men and musclinity

men and musclinity Description Option One: You can write on the same project topic you are responsible for. Although facts and figures are essential to substantiate the arguments in your paper, emphasis is on the vigour of analysis and application of classroom learning rather than on facts and descriptions. Option Two: You will need to write a personal journal essay. In this essay, you may interpret a personal life event, process, situation, or relationship from a perspective discussed in class. These ideas may come from my lectures or from the project presentations. It is not enough if you just describe an experience, you are expected to analyse your experience with a perspective/ perspectives that we shall cover in class. The most frequent experience might be related to your father, a male relative, a male teacher, a male friend, etc. You may show how such an experience or that particular relationship has impact on you. You may use photos or pictures to assist you. Please make sure that your name, student number, the topic that you intend to write will be typed on the front page of your essay. Your essay should include an introduction, a conclusion and proper citations. Please also adopt a standardized style of referencing in your essay.

Political Corruption – SHORT PAPER ASSIGNMENT

This essay should be five double-spaced pages with 12-point font and margins of 1-inch all around. You may use your books, lectures and notes, as well as any other sources you might want to consult. Answer the following questions: A. What are the special problems for political stability in a plural society?  Do these problems help us understand why some elections turn violent and others do not?  How might you design an institutional structure to best allow for political stability in a plural society?  What tradeoffs do the institutions you suggest imply?  Are there other factors that should be considered beyond political institutions?  Discuss at least two countries. Zimbabwe and Uganda from the PowerPoint provided. In writing your essay, references to both theories and cases are essential. In evaluating your paper, we will look for both good writing and substantive understanding. To substantiate your points, you may find it useful to include parenthetical references to course readings or lectures. For example: (Fisman and Golden, p. 88) or (Lecture, September 26, 2018). No bibliography is required.

Two assignments

Two assignments Description PLEASE USE SIMPLE ENGLISH Assignment #1 Identify and discuss the key features of the social democratic model? Provide an example of a specific country. Identify and discuss the key features of an extreme market model? Provide an example of a specific country. Identify and discuss the key features of the Christian democratic model? Provide an example of a specific country. —————- Assignment #2 (1)Why are the political and economic systems of Less Developed Countries more diverse? What lessons do we learn from the institutional approach? (2) What are the features of “Flawed Democracies”? Give Examples. (3) What are the features of “Flawed Democracies”? Give Examples. (4) How does “Electoral Authoritarianism” Function? And Persist? (5) Compare and Contrast the Capabilities of Three Major Resource-Rich LDCs and Developing Countries. —————- please upload each one in separate docs. and on or before the deadline. —————-

To what extent do the identified key stakeholders influence the strategic planning process in terms of policy change or development?

 To what extent do the identified key stakeholders influence the strategic planning process in terms of policy change or development? III. Recommendations A. What course of action would you recommend the healthcare manager take in terms of strategic planning around this issue? Be sure to justify your recommendation with evidence. B. What recommendations would you make for ensuring identified key stakeholders in the organization are involved in driving the strategic planning process? Be sure to substantiate your claims. C. How might the organization better align its strategic planning and policy processes with its overall mission and vision, particularly with regard to this issue? Be sure to provide evidence to justify your response.