Cause of mis-selling and real cases

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Within your assignment you are required to one, consider the causes of mis-selling and two, relate these causes to some really world mis-selling cases:

i. How and why does financial mis-selling occur?
Critically discuss the question making reference to different perspectives and theories.

ii. Outline and describe two real world cases of mis-selling [as provided on the module blackboard site or from your own research] and indicate how and why financial mis-selling has developed in these cases.

As a guide it might be expected parts i) and ii) would encompass 1500 words each, providing a total of 3000 words. The sections all carry equal marks.
The assignment assesses your ability to be articulate, informed and to apply regulatory and academic concepts to two real world mis-selling cases. Through this assignment you should be able to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the range of issues and factors involved in mis-selling. The assignment will be assessed on the basis of:
 Clear and logical discussion of each mis-selling case you consider stating any assumptions that you make
 Application and understanding of regulatory and academic concepts
 Evidence of wide reading/research to substantiate the discussion
 Justification for statements made (e.g. logical reasoning rather than unsupported statements)
 Critical appraisal rather than pure description
 Clear title, summary, contents and conclusion
 Clear citation and referencing (sources – relevance, range, citation accuracy)
 Professional standards of presentation

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