Central Concepts

 Choose 3 areas in the communication discipline, such as interpersonal, nonverbal, and organizational communication (choose from 3 different chapters in the textbook)–the 3 you think are most important/interesting. Then, choose 2 or 3 concepts within each area of communication (found within the corresponding chapters). For instance, if my area of focus is nonverbal communication, choose “haptics” and “proxemics” to discuss as my concepts. Explain why these concepts are most important to your understanding of that area of communication and the communication discipline as a whole. Papers should be 3-4 pages in length, free of grammatical errors, and double-spaced. Please cite the page in the textbook when you are using info from the book and not your own and be consistent. Do not use more than 3 direct quotes in your paper; rather, paraphrase material. OUTLINE/FORMAT OF PAPER (use the following as a guide–do not submit your paper in outline form): I. Intro—Discuss communication and its importance to you, your career, and/or life as a whole. What 3 areas within the discipline of comm are most helpful to you? Why these 3 areas and what are they. Then, incorporate a thesis, or goal of the paper, and preview of the 3 main areas of focus in the paper (and briefly name the concepts in each). II. Area 1 a. concept 1 b. concept 2 c. concept 3 (optional) III. Area 2 a. concept 1 b. concept 2 c. concept 3 (optional) IV. Area 3 a. concept 1 b. concept 2 c. concept 3 (optional) V. Conclusion Recap 3 focus areas and concepts in each. End with a statement that ties back to your introduction. Central Concepts Paper (worth 25 points*) /5 = Introduction /15 = Clear demonstration of your understanding of the concepts and articulation of their importance to human communication; concepts must come from at least 3 areas of communication. /5 = Conclusion *Other possible Penalties = Meets length, formatting and mechanical (spelling/grammar) expectations, and submitted correctly