What are the challenges in preventing and responding to terrorism?

Choose a terrorist incident or investigation and critically analyse the response.

Identify any failures and discuss how these failures could be remedied.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT use the following cases: the Hilton Bombing, the 9/11 attacks on the United States or the Air India Flight 182. – Any other terrorist incident can be chosen except these 3.


• Integrates outstanding knowledge into discussion.
• Adopts sophisticated approach to issues.
• Develops and strongly supports discussion.
• Excellent links to law enforcement.
• Provides original & relevant strategies for law enforcement in the future, critically analysing the implication of strategies suggested.
• A minimum of 14 references used.

• APA 8th Referencing required.

• When adding In-text citations, please ensure that you include the page number with each citation.. For example; (Smith, 2005, p. 25) or if page numbers aren’t applicable, please insert what paragraph you retrieved it from, for example; (Smith, 2005, para. 5) – THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !!

• Minimum of 14 references