Client engagement and assessment and a self-assessment of social work skills.

Client Assessment In this final project, you will practice client engagement and assessment and conduct a self-assessment of your social work skills. You will need to submit a recording of your role play. You may use WebEx or another video capturing tool. Create a client scenario of your choice (e.g.: Victim of domestic violence coming into a safe house for shelter; Son of an elderly man who has just been admitted to hospice, etc.). Please write a brief description of the client’s presenting issue and the social worker’s role. Conduct a role play of the initial session (Record this) Choose a friend, family member or classmate to play the role of the client. You are the social worker. You may choose to( write a script), but try not to read directly from it in the video, if possible. The initial session should be the time when the social worker introduces him/herself and describes his/her role. The client describes the presenting problem. You may choose to explain the limits of confidentiality in this session, describe services available, etc. This is an opportunity for you – the social worker to model your active listening skills. Be sure to use engagement skills like warmth, empathy, reflection, acknowledgment, etc. At the end of the session, you should discuss next steps (e.g., “I would like to see if you can come in next week to conduct a more thorough assessment of your strengths and needs…”) Remember this is the first session, you should not be intervening. (For this part just write the script for the role play for the client and social worker) Conduct a Self-Evaluation Complete the attached document and incorporate into your assignment document. Write an Assessment paper Your paper should be organized using the following headings. You should include 5 scholarly references, integrated as in-text citations to demonstrate support from the literature Identifying Client Information Brief description of client Summary of findings from the initial session Cultural and Ethical Considerations Relevant cultural factors and/or knowledge the social worker needs Identify social work values to be applied Describe any ethical dilemmas or possible ethical concerns Engagement strategies Describe engagement strategies the client seemed to respond well to Discuss other engagement strategies that should be used in working with this client Identify any potential barriers to engaging the client Assessment Approach Identify theoretical approach to assessment and describe the process of decision-making (what factors were considered in selecting an approach) What assessment strategies will be used? What tools and/or measures will be used? Planning for Intervention Describe how the findings of the assessment will be used in planning for intervention