Community Resource Assignment

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Locate and attend a local Alcoholics Anonymous Association meeting in your area. Explain to the instructor that you are a nursing student studying community resources. Write a two page summary of your experience describing the clientele, meeting, and topics. Apply nursing knowledge and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Use APA format.
Grading rubric community resource assignment.
Criteria Excellent 3pts Good 2pts Needs Improvement 1pt Pts.
Content -Includes description of clientele.
-Describes meeting.
-Evaluates effectiveness with nursing knowledge. -Includes description of clientele.
-Vaguely describes meeting.
-Non-specific evaluation. -Vague description of clientele.
-Missing description of meeting.
-Does not apply nursing knowledge in evaluation.
Organization -Well organized into separate headings.
-Main points are clearly identified.
-Paragraphs transition well. -Somewhat organized.
-Main points are clear.
-Occasional issues with flow and transitions. -Disorganized.
-Main points are unclear
-Difficult to follow or illogical.
APA -No spelling or grammar errors.
-APA format is correct.
-Appropriate length -Some spelling or grammar errors.
-APA format is correct.
-Appropriate length. -Many spelling or grammar errors.
-Incorrect APA format.
-Inappropriate length.

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