Comparative Literature

Compose an essay of at least two, but no more than three pages (the Works Cited page is not counted towards your essay), on your choice of ONE of the topics below. Do not summarize the story at any point; 1) Write an essay about the significance of Kochan’s alteration of the Hungarian fairy tale about the prince and the dragon. 2) Write a short essay about Kochan’s “love” for Omi. Include in your analysis the scene where Omi touches Kochan’s cheek. 3) Write a short essay about the way(s) Kochan is able to appreciate feminine beauty while not being sexually aroused by that woman. You may choose specific scenes to analyze, such as when Kochan and Sonoko are in the woods or when they are outside of the dance hall; or you may analyze Kochan’s psychological makeup. Remember: your responses should be focused, using quotes from the texts where appropriate to support your statements. Also remember to use MLA format in quoting and attributing your sources and also on your Works Cited page. For this essay, you may use any of the sources (texts, handouts) we have used, and you may use up to two outside sources if you so choose.