Consultant report for MBA program in University of Manchester.

Work as a consultant group for the MBA program from the University of Manchester. Answer and try to solve problems that MBA director wants to know. You should do some research based on this project. The methodology should be used. Q1: The importance of the FT(Full Time) MBA in establishing the brand of AMBS(Alliance manchester business school), and the business education at the University of Manchester in general. Q2: The importance of the brand of the FT MBA in recruiting students for other offerings (programme) Q3: The change in the FT MBA market relationship to the changes in the market of business education Q4: Determining factors of recruiting students on different programmes offered by the school. Q5: Hindsight factors of delivery of programmes of the school (100 per MBA year) is it worth keeping it so small. Q6: If we had to recreate MBA today, how much will it cost? Q7: What are the impacts of removing FT MBA from AMBS- how do we measure these impacts