Consumer Perception&Behaviour of Organic

Description  This is a literature review work however, the structure must be similar to an essay. It is for Food and Nutrition course at a university, third year. The references must be only academic articles. Please see the files. The template  has to be written and should be included at the bottom of the essay. It should be written before starting the essay as it is similar to a plan. There is no need to write a lot please see the attachment. The assessment title is What’s in the Literature? and the essay title is: Critically discuss the relationship between consumer perception and behaviour in relation to organic food. In brief, it asks to summaries the research available on Consumer Perception and Behavior relating to organic food so, the research you include must be focused on those two areas (e.g. consumer perception around availability of organic food), rather than on the topic itself (e.g. issues affecting the availability of organic food).