Contemporary and Critical Perspectives in Education

A. Patchwork text (3000 words). This mode of assessment aims to enable students to engage with producing written work of different types, as this is likely to be offered as a first introductory module.

The “patches” will include:

1- a written critique of theory in education (Constructivism Theory) 1000 word.

2- selections from a critical learning journal (students will record their experience of engaging with reflection on theories and research) 1000 word.
( Look to the attachments number (66)

An Examination of Articles in Gifted

Education and Multicultural Education

3- A reflective account (equivalent to 1000 words) of a seminar presentation made by the lecturer (Dr Josef Ploner) The Internationalisation of (Higher) Education

Guest Lecture, Critical Issues in Education

The total number of words 3000 words….. 1000 words each in a separate file.


B- 2500 words essay which critically examines a concept in Education and its application to an educational setting

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