Contribution of women in leadership position in the UK

Please follow the following report Structure and please rephrase aim and objectives if necessary:

1. Introduction itself (100 words) (total: 500 words)

– Research background (300 words)
– Aim : the aim is to analyse the extent to which women in leadership positions in the UK contribute to the development of private sector
– objectives:
* to identify and investigate the female leader’s contentment and capabilities
*to assess the challenges and obstacles that restrict women to participate in leadership positions
*to determine the extent of women’s participation in leadership and their positions in the private sector
*to recognise the importance of women leadership styles in the development of the private sector
2. Literature Review (1200 words)
-with multiple subheadings (please use recent journals, textbooks etc)
3. Methodological framework (1000 words)
-Research philosophy (interpretivism)
-Research approach (Inductive)
-Research strategy (case study)
-Data collection (qualitative research design; primary – questionnaire and semi structured interviews; and secondary data – journals, textbooks)
-Sampling (not random)
-Data analysis
4. Planning and critical analysis (325)
– Ethical considerations
-Potential limitations


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